New emoji are imminent, including some rude ones

emoji middle finger There's a raft of new emoji coming our way and you need to stop complaining about it, because one day, the only language that will be spoken in the world is through emoji.

So what are we getting? Or in some of your cases, what will be offered to you, but you'll sulk and refuse to use them for a bit, before sending messages with emoji in 5 years after everyone else has already been using them? Well, now, you'll be able to convey your emotions through burritos, someone with a bandage on their head, a unicorn or if you prefer, the middle finger.

These have all been approved by the Unicode Consortium, who are the people who make these things and set the cross-platform standard.

Apple's iOS 9.1, which has just been released in beta if you're interested, will get them first, obviously. That leaves everyone else wondering what those black rectangles are that are littering your phone's screen.

There's also going to be more sports related things, more flags and buildings and all the usual stuff you'd expect.


This lot will be available soon enough, probably in late September. There's more than the images included above by the way. That's just some of the new emoji.

Of course, there's no word on when it'll hit Android phones, but most Android devices haven't caught up with iPhone yet, so what are you going to do?

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  • Raggedy
    If the standard of emoji is the basis on which technological advances are measured, we really have gone to hell in a handcart.

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