New company wants to make your phone trustworthy

20 December 2012

'Yeah man'

Have you heard of Trustonic? Well, apart from having a name that sounds like one of those companies you see in Dystopian sci-fi horrors, who have a cuddly scientific name, but end up being the thought-police, they're looking at making your mobile phone safe.

They're looking at making your phone so secure that it will fundamentally change DRM on your content, online banking and shopping.

Trustonic is a joint venture between the less cuddly sounding ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devirent and their aim is make use of a thing called the Trusted Execution Environment, which means that our mobile devices should become as 'safe' as our banks are.

What that means is that, because your phone will be so 'trustworthy', things like Netflix could become a download service, rather than a streaming service. Banks could potentially allow you to use your phone as a secure and trustworthy device, and that you can pay for things with more efficiency rather than going through loads of security gates.

"This fundamentally changes our devices," Trustonic's CEO Ben Cade said. "That's because you start with the premise that your device is trusted. In the first half of next year we'll be trialling the service with certain service providers, banks and Fortune 500 companies with broadstream adoption from the second half of 2013," he added.


  • Bishopslips
    More anti-consumer snooping bullshit. Who the fuck carries a phone but no cards or cash?
  • Jamie
    Ditching cards makes good sense though there will need to be fast-wake up technology on phones so that phones with a dead battery can still be used quickly when held against a wireless charger/reader terminal at checkouts. We'll also need to see more conformity with standards. At present it can take some 'dead' mobile phones up to a minute to power-up. No-one wants to wait in a queue for that. The whole purpose of technology would be defeated.
  • Boring B.
    I prefer using cheques.
  • Natty
    Ditching cards! Who mentioned ditching cards? What is that crap about going through loads of security gates all I have to do is type in a 4 number pin when I have to pay for anything or use cash. Until the phone is lost/nicked/broken then what you gonna do, just another way for the crooks to milk your account when they get hold of your pre lost/nicked phone, or are you going to have to go through loads of security gate just to use your fucking phone.

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