New, cheaper HTC could sell like Wildfire

HTC_Wildfire01-218-85 HTC are becoming major players in the smartphone arena (you’ve never been to the smartphone arena? You should – it’s incredible) and now they’ve announced a scaled-down budget version of their massively popular Desire handset, the Wildfire.

Tech Radar are reporting that the Android phone will have a lower-res QVGA display and the phone will run slightly slower than the Desire, but almost everything else on the Wildfire will be on par with its bigger brother.

What’s most important though, is the tariff – it’s believed that you could looking to pay as little as £20 a month for one of these, with Virgin Media already confirming that they’ll offering the Wildfire.

The Wildfire should hit the shops over the summer, with some whispers suggesting it could be as early as the end of June.


  • Tim, D.
    Slightly slower as in significantly slower considering it's going to be using the year old processor from the HTC Hero which can't compete with the QSD in the Desire. Why's that price so good? You can pay £17/month for the Desire...
  • Tim, D.
    And that's £17 with free phone....
  • F.D. A.
    And that’s £17 with free phone…. link?
  • Tim, D.
    That's what Three offered me last week on their website (via the Live Chat and I'm no existing customer) Bastards have upped their prices now. Seriously, it was real. I don't post false facts. I ended up getting the phone for £285 on O2. Talk about digging myself a hole eh?
  • Nobby
    > New, cheaper HTC could sell like Wildfire Do people buy wildfires then?
  • F.D. A.
    Tim, not doubting your sources... FYI, Three offered me my current contract for a £5 per month with free phone. Cheapest Desire I've found is £23.33 per month.
  • Klingelton
    Three could offer me a dirty bristo with their next contract offer, I still wouldn't take it.
  • BigRob
    I got my Desire for £17.50 a month for a two year contract. I bet these will go cheaper if you are coming up to your end of contract. alway talk to retentions people :O)
  • Pizza_D_Action
    WTF is a dirty bristo?
  • bozo
    Have ya seen how much T-mobile want for the Desire now? £25 per month plus £380 for the handset. Perhaps it's a new gold-plated edition. Glad I got in there early with the £10 ppm package.

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