New charitable mobile network isn't exactly giving its services away

Following on from Children In Need at the weekend, Britain is in a giving mood, and now there’s a new mobile network that will help you to keep on giving all year round.

The People’s Operator (TPO) is believed to be piggy-backing on the EE netweork and will offer users the chance to donate 10% of their bill to the charity of their choosing. Additionally, TPO will hand over 25% of its profits to charities including NSPCC and Childline.

But it’s not all good news as The People’s Operator is pay-as-you-go only for now. Texting on the service will cost 7.5p, while UK calls will cost 12.5p per minute. Data costs 12.5p per megabyte, not great when compared to Vodafone, which offers data at £1 for a day's access - with a 25MB limit - with each extra megabyte costing 4p thereafter.

So while it’s a nice idea, you’re probably better off finding a better value network and bunging some change into a charity box as and when you feel the mood overwhelming you.



  • Pizza A.
    So let me get this right.... not only are you paying extortionate amounts for calls, texts and data..... but then you also pay another 10% ON TOP of those extortionate rates so give to charity..... What a shit idea.
  • catweazle
    And now a tax on pottery.............there goes the pot to piss in.
    These so called "charities" are businesses who make very healthy "profits" or expenses as they call them on the backs of others. Have a deeko at this site, few years out of date but it will give you a good idea of the vast salaries they are paying themselves while they get folk to work for nowt.,12406,1042677,00.html

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