New Blackberry launches - nobody cares

In the world of the smart phone, hype reigns supreme. If 10,000 people aren't camped outside the shop, desperate to fondle the new features, then something is wrong.

So it’s a little bit weird that the new Z10 all touchscreen Blackberry - which is critical in reviving the company’s fortunes – has made not a dent in the public consciousness, despite Blackberry giving it a mega marketing push.

No gimps with sleeping bags were present as it quietly went on sale at AT&T stores in New York on Friday. In fact, fewer than 20 people showed up for the launch.

Even more bizarrely, AT&T didn’t do anything to display it prominently, hiding it on a shelf next to a bunch of iPhones, with no signage devoted to it. And in San Francisco, when a customer asked to see the Z10, employees had to go and get it from the storeroom.

So what are they ashamed of?

According to store representatives in San Francisco, it hasn’t been displayed because it’s really difficult to set up. But early reports from US electronics store Best Buy suggests that there’s been a positive response to the Z10, even amongst people who were determined to stick with the traditional Blackberry keyboard and not give in to a virtual one.

Maybe it’s a grower? Or maybe nobody cares and they're busy buying up iPhones instead. Only time will tell…


  • Phuck Y.
    Is that a picture of the iPhone? It looks a lot like it, even though, it looks fuck all like an iPhone.
  • samuri
    wonder if the port catches fire on this?
  • Raggedy
    Difficult to setup? RTFM Busy buying up iPhones? More money than sense.

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