New Apple iPhone on 12th September! We think...

As hinted at in the headline, there'll be some new Apple stuff on 12th September (next Wednesday). It'll all be kicking off at 10am (PDT) at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Might be the new iPhone 5, might not be. But there's a 5 on the shadow on the invite so it definitely is.


[The Loop]


  • samuri
    bollocks it's not been found in a Yankee pub yet
  • Kel
    fucking genius
  • Sicknote
    No shit Sherlock
  • Andy
    Ha you made me lol
  • Mike M.
    Has anyone seen Mike?
  • Dick
    Just print a number five on a sticker and update that way. Much cheaper.
  • The i.
    I can show you some puppies.....
  • smashingnicey
    It's almost here? I almost cared.
  • StackedTimothy
    @smashingnicey Someone almost gave a shit about you and your opinion.
  • Darren
    @StackedTimothy IPhony fanboy who is jealous of Samsung's ./end QED

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