New app proves the iPhone has bottled it

18 November 2010

"There's an app for that" is a marketing strapline, not a challenge to create increasingly dickish apps for the iPhone. Still, some people read it as such, which is why we've come to this:

Bitterwallet -iPhone bottle opener
It's a bottle opener case for the iPhone. If we see any of you with one of these, we will take you down to Chinatown. But what about the app we mentioned? You might want to sit down for this, and prepare for the most underwhelming and pointless feature set you'll ever see:

Jesus wept.

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  • Nobby
    Why not combine it with a barcode scanner, so you can scan the bottle / can first, search a database for the alcohol content and volume, and work out how many units you have drunk in a certain time. You could also input personal data such as how much volume you can drink before you need a piss, so the iphone will tell you when to go, especially useful if there are limit toilets in the area. It could also keep a database of all the drinks you have drunk, and you could rate them. A more important feature would be to inform everyone else in the vicinity that you are a cunt for having an iphone and using stupid apps.
  • unhappy c.
    I want to rip out my eyes - b^stards I want my life back
  • ask
    excellent as the title says in the app HEADCASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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