New Amazon phone have tilty goodness?

Amazon_Smartphone Rumours abound about Amazon's new mobile, with some sources thinking that it might have 3D capabilities, while others think it'll be just a smaller version of the Kindle, running on the customised Android.

The newest rumour says that the Amazon smartphone will feature tilt gesturing for interacting with a number of apps.

The prototype high-end version of the Amazon smartphone sports six cameras: one at the back, one at the top-front panel and another four placed on four corners on the front. These four corner cameras are low-power infrared affairs which would work with other sensors to give the user the muttered-about 3D effects.

All these will enable you to control things without touching the screen. Sounds fancy, but not exactly necessary. Tilt the phone to zoom in on maps? Hardly a huge improvement on the current 'pinch' system.

It has also been suggested that the Amazon smartphone will come with optical character recognition (OCR) and other junk which will turn text in photos into a digital note, should you want that. Could be good if you snap a job-advert in a shop window

It seems the second half of this year is when the phone will land. Will die-hard Apple fanboys and Android-nuts be tempted to stray? Unlikely. For it to be a success, they're going to have to sell this cheaply.

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