Need some Red Seal, Pollen or Skunk? There's an app for that.

It'll be denounced by moral crusaders as yet another sign that the end of civilisation is nigh - an iPhone app called Cannabis that lets you locate dealers in your area. Obviously it only provides details of registered suppliers for medicinal reasons, and not where you'll find Little Vince to tap him for a couple of ounces:

Having said that, it then goes on to provide details of coffee houses in Amsterdam and contact details for legal representation if you find yourself in bother with the law. "Our goal is to put the power of cannabis change in your pocket!" Amen to that.


  • Junkyard
    Thank Christ they didn't call it something lame like "iToke", "iSkinUp" or "iIntendToGetTotallyFuckingMonged".
  • Scott
    There is already another 3 applications like this out, and one is called iPot
  • Craig
    Quality, then they just need to tag on the nearest news agents to pick up some king size Rizlas and your sorted!
  • Nobby
    Is there an iWhore app?
  • The B.
    It's a good way to get a free iPhone, list yourself as a dealer in a dodgy are and then just wait until you see some nu media twat coming down the road lit up by their iPhone while looking at the app, 1 swift smack to the back of the head later, a free iPhone and whatever it's got in its pocketses.
  • The B.
    area not are.
  • numberwang
    red seal lol RETRO
  • shadow
    Hope theres an App for all apple customers logging where they are so i can put them in the co-ordinates of nukes. Apple fanboys are the worse

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