National Recycle Your Phone Week - not as rubbish as it sounds

National Recycle Your Phone Week? Well get out the bunting and throw a street party. As far as events go, its right up there with Be Nice to Nettles Month and Fondle a Horse Thursday. This occasion is more useful than either, given that you can recycle your old handset and make some proper cash.

4 out of 5 people have more than one unused mobile, while over 1.5 million old phones are binned every year. The week isn't just to highlight our wasteful ways, but raise awareness of the potentially hazardous chemical components of the handsets - cadmium, lead and mercury - and our part in disposing of them safely.

Yeah yeah, whatever. Sod the environment, let's get to the beef. How much coin can you make for recycling an old mobile phone? Quite a lot, as it turns out. We've looked at four sites offering cash for your unwanted handsets:

Love2Recycle - operated by the largest repairer of mobile phones in the UK, stat fans. While you're unlikely to recycle anything as shiny as a working 16Gb iPhone, there's £140 if you do. Even a knackered Sony Ericsson W810i will get you £12.05. - nowhere near as generous; the working iPhone nets you £70, while a broken W810i bags you just £7.02 (or £8 in M&S vouchers).

Mobile Phone Exchange - recycle your spanking new 16G iPhone and be content with a whopping £169; it won't pay off the contract, but you could be hit by a bus tomorrow. No details on the W810i, but a working handset is worth £25.

Mobile2Cash - they don't deal in anything as high-falutin' as an iPhone just yet, but the jiggered W810i sees you £9.20 better off.

Of course if you're feeling selfless and would rather see others better off, send your old phones to Recycle Your Mobile who make donate the cash to charity; you chose which from over 50 organisations listed.

Meanwhle, start baking cakes ready for next Monday, when it's the start of National Awareness of National Awareness Weeks Week.


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