N97 reality check bounces, does Nokia have a mobile future?

For my money, the N-Series of Nokia handsets presented one of the most disappointing consumer experiences I've had. Despite that, I've owned three of the bleeding things, having never learnt from my previous mistakes, always hoping the experience would improve. Two N73s and an N95 later, I called it a day; I was tired of deathly slow and sluggish response times, buggy applications hijacking the handset on start-up, functionality buried away in mazes of sub-menus.

And of course I'm not the only one. This is a brilliant YouTube video that's been picked up by Mobile Inc and it demonstrates precisely why longevity in the marketplace and market share don't guarantee Nokia and Symbian-based handsets any future success - not if they can't deliver on their promises to consumers:

[Mobile Inc]


  • Charlie C.
    lol Nokia = Fail
  • raptorcigs b.
    i wanna throw acid in his face
  • Andy
    Terrible phone made by a soon to be struggling company. Get on the Android bandwagon, we have cupcakes, and vanilla, and donuts, and eclairs!
  • mein c.
    at least it doesn't explode during use
  • zacspeed
    Nokia = gash.
  • jsoap
    Unfortunately, these days, this is what "market driven" means. The product specs tick all the boxes, but fails to deliver any usable functionality. Another example is manufacturers who love advertising USB or Bluetooth, without committing to how they are implemented. Mind you most consumers don't seem to care when stuff doesn't work as expected.
  • Rolly
    I have always been a Nokia fanboy - but even I have now had enough. Sluggish, slow loading and text heavy menus mean these phones seem so out of date next to the iPhones, HTCs etc. Shame really because Nokia used to be such a good brand. I have made the jump to HTC, because i cant possibly become a sheep and buy an iPhone.
  • Q
    I am slightly embarrassed to say I own one of these, and confirm that there are loads of problems with this phone. I'm 6months into a 24month contract and dredding the remainding time I have left. The only really good thing is iplayer
  • Panda
    Tbh this video is over 6 months old now. It was posted on youtube in September of last year. All people need to do is update the firmware and majority of those problems are solved. I feel he's exaggerated most of the problems, I've got the n97 and I've had absolutely no problems with it. It now has kinetic scrolling if you update v20 or higher of the firmware and the apps-RAM problem has also been solved.
  • MattWPBS
    Nokia's got a lot riding on the next iteration of Symbian, really does show how old it is getting. It's similar to the WinMo6.5/WinPS7 split. I'd like to see these sort of comparisons done for all the smartphones on the market. Be interesting to see how they compare (remember the grief Apple got from the ASA for the steps to install apps?).
  • BurningFeetMan
    Your so right, just got another month till i can get rid of my godawful N96. An N80 before that and both are a bag of poo. Slowest, unresponsive complicated phones i have ever used.
  • Scribbles
    I have an N97 and I am more than happy with it. But, there again, I didn't expect my N97 to run as fast as a Cray supercomputer. Also, I am not an Apple fanboy. If the Youtube guy is going to use an iPhone as a comparison, he could at least have the balls to show us a real iphone in action rather than Apple's own promotional material.
  • Exit, B.
    to be fair, even Ipod adverts do say (in tiny type right down at the bottom of the TV screen) that the process is speeded up and abridged in their adverts.
  • smashingnicey
    got a nokia 5230 which is waaaay cheaper (got mine for seventy quid). Okay, doesn't do everything that this one does, but it has a very similar interface that works very well for a phone at this price range. Does GPS, email, mp3 and internet etc. In fact I'm really happy with it! But I would be sorely disappointed if I'd paid as much as an N97. Then again, if you're daft enough to spend so much on a device whose primary operation is exactly the same as one that you can pick up for less than a few pints then you good luck to y'all.
  • hippy
    Maybe in tiny grey writing it had a disclaimer saying "sequences shortened" and they just cut out the guy slamming the phone into a wall cos it wouldnt scroll a webpage. Id stick to my ericsson k550i with the broken jkl key
  • Chris
    Symbian sucks. Plain and simple. I have a 5800, and it's a good enough phone, but Android and Windows pwn it any day of the week.
  • Zleet
    Nokia may have it's issues but showing some prick stabbing at a screen with his sausage fingers is hardly a fair test. The Iphone is a slick bit of tech (that I wouldn't mind having) but it is hardly the pinnacle of human achievement. From the little time I had with one (I set up my brothers iphone), I was stunned to find the music library functions have taken a massive step back and are locked to one PC and that you can't merge email mailboxes to check them all at once.
  • Ten B.
    [...] and their mobile phones – have they lost their way and shot their [...]
  • fullmoon
    C'mon people Nokia is good for candy bar type phones. They are ONLY 10 years behind for smartphone product line. That's all.. lol
  • Olumite7
    No one else notice the super mario land tune playing in the background!?!? Ahhh memories.
  • Mikey
    Thanks for posting my video, and sorry for joining this discussion late. For those who mentioned it I made the video AFTER the big firmware upgrade. And for the record that’s exactly how the phone worked – no intentional misuse to try and make it look worse. If the phone wasn’t so bad I wouldn’t have made that video, because believe me I have better things to do with my time. Here’s my re-review 6 months on: http://www.rustylime.com/show_article.php?id=4113 Anyhoo, a few weeks ago I decided to not wait until my contract ends and purchased a brand new unlocked Motorolo Droid for less than $AU600. It's an amazing phone. Loving everything about Android.

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