Must we subject our children to this iPhone filth?

puff06-235x353 When it comes to dodgy iPhone apps, Bitterwallet vow to always be at the forefront, sniffing out applications that simply do not deserve to be in the public domain, let alone within the brains of the Jesus Phone.

So, it is with a heavy heart that we must warn you against purchasing and subsequently spending hours on end in thrall to an app called ‘Puff!’ It’s a sickening and gratuitous piece of work that threatens to undo all the hard work done in the name of gender equality over the past few decades.

Just so that you know what to avoid, we should tell you that the app features nine different young Japanese women pictured in a variety of poses. Whenever the user blows into the microphone on the iPhone, the skirts of the women are blown up around their waists. The harder you blow, the higher their skirts rise. Warning - knickers are visible. We hope you will boycott this shocking product.

By the way, in the name of science and journalism, we’ve worked out that you need to blow continually for about two seconds in order to get a good old butchers at their undercrackers. Naturally, we were appalled by the app and will be deleting it shortly. Probably later this afternoon. Maybe after just two or three more goes…


  • zeddy
    She can blow me!
  • Gunn
    It's always good to see how new technology is used to get cheap thrills :)
  • NobbyB
    Can't wait for the bra twang. And when will apple do doing the ipod sniff?
  • Apple i.
    Why would we boycott? The people who write these nonsense articles should be shot. Point blank. This app looks great. Thanks for letting us know, I will let my son know so he can tell everyone at school.
  • In f.
    Nobby - there's iBlowThenScratchAndSniff, where you blow to lift their dress, and then scratch and sniff their lady parts through their knickers. Filthy.
  • Mike U.

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