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mobile People complaining about phone companies (and Pay TV) are on the up, with Vodafone and EE topping the unenviable pile of most complained-about companies in the field.

Ofcom have said that it was "disappointing" to see a rise in the number of complaints (between July and September) after figures looked to be decreasing. When it comes to landlines, EE and Plusnet got the most complaints, thanks to complaint handling, faults, service issues, and problems with changing supplier.

BT, Post Office HomePhone and TalkTalk also generated landline complaints above the industry average of 17 per 100,00 customers.

When it comes to complaining about fixed line broadband, EE came out on top again, while BT and Plusnet saw a hike in complaints. Talk Talk remained higher than the industry average too.

With mobile providers, Vodafone were the most complained about (again), seeing their numbers increasing from 14 complaints to 20 per 100,000 customers. This was mainly concerning billing, charges, pricing, faults with the service, and complaints handling. At least you can say Vodafone a thorough when it comes to irritating their customers.

The only other mobile provider to generate more complaints than the industry average were EE, with Tesco Mobile getting the lowest.

Regarding complaints about pay TV, BT angered the most people, with their volume of complaints increasing significantly from 11 per 100,000 customers to 25. Performing best, were Sky.

Claudio Pollack, director of Ofcom's content and consumer group, said: "We expect providers to make customer service and complaints handling top priorities, so it's disappointing to see a rise in the number of complaints. Consumers have a right to expect good service and will rightfully complain when that standard isn't met."

"Ofcom is continuing work to make switching easier and our complaints data allows consumers to make meaningful comparisons that can be useful when looking for a new provider."

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  • Alan j.
    Not surprised about BT , I left them around 4,5 years ago, Sky were a must better option at the time. BT made no attempt to keep my custom after being with them for over ten years, I was left with a distinct "we're bt , so take it or leave it " feeling, wouldn't budge on line rental costs, and tried selling me bt vision....all of which would have cost me more...

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