Mobile phone freephone charges to be scrapped

Mobile_phone_holiday_beach_GUIDE_01 It is thought that, collectively, we're going to save £900m per year after Ofcom decided that they're going to get rid of freephone charges for calls from mobiles. It has been a daft situation where consumers have been ripped off for calling numbers that would be free from a landline.

Ofcom, understated as ever, have called this move "the biggest shake-up the mobile phone market has seen for more than a decade".

Apparently, this will all take place today, which means that 175 million freephone lines will now cost nothing. Seeing as they can cost 20p a minute, and in 2014 we spent 250 million hours calling these numbers, this is good news.

This is all part of Ofcom boss, Sharon White's changes. She wants to see companies spelling out exactly what they are charging you, with a particular onus on numbers for TV shows like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. So, numbers that start with 084 and 087 will have to tell you exactly how much they're charging.

Ofcom's figures show that there's roughly 7 million of us, spending a whopping £35m every year on phone calls to take part in TV shows, and 08 and 09 lines are making £1.5bn a year.

White said: "UK Calling is the biggest change to telephone calls in over a decade. It’s important that people understand the cost before they pick up the phone. Callers will be able to see what they’re paying and where their money is going."

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