Mobile phone bill shockers condemned

Shock bills. Phantom charges. SCAAAARY billing errors. No, it’s not a particularly dull episode of Scooby Doo – it’s everyday life in the 21st Century with your mobile phone provider.


Citizens Advice have condemned mobile phone companies for ‘hanging customers out to dry’ when it came to mysteriously large bills or mystery charges that they failed to rectify.

They received 28000 complaints about mobile phone companies, and a further 102,000 complaints about shock bills and charges last year. They ranged from people who had accidentally left data roaming on while abroad, to complete billing balls-ups caused by mobile phone providers themselves.

Some people had to take out loans to pay off unexpected or accidental charges.

Of course, it’s not exactly in their money grabbing interest to warn customers about data and call limits, but Citizens Advice suggest that it could be way to protect consumers. They also said that apps which tell you about your mobile phone use would help.

Fear of data roaming charges has become so bad that according to a report by the EU Commission, HALF of tourists in Europe would rather leave their phones at home than run the risk of incurring large bills abroad – even though charges were recently cut.

Gillian Guy from CAB said: ‘People are experiencing a myriad of problems with mobiles including faulty phones, services that are not up to scratch and misleading practices. It's time the industry looked at how it could banish bad behaviour and help customers avoid large bills.’

I bet the mobile industry is rushing to sort this out as we speak.*

*picking its nose and playing Flappy Bird


  • Chris
    So people are complaining to the CAB for mistakes they've made? "I didn't turn my data off when I went aboard and only used it to check facebook 50 times a day, this is my networks fault and theirs alone!"
  • Billybobjimbob
    I thought this was sorted out a couple of years ago? Weren't networks obliged to alert you when sudden usage went over £50 or something?
  • Slacker
    Don't want big data bills? Then turn your data off, mongtards. Or better yet, throw away your mobile phone and lock yourself in a cupboard where the rest of us don't have to endure your monumental stupidity.

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