Mobile number-porting time to be reduced to 'a few hours'

At the moment, the Bitterwallet comments section is alive with giddy talk of cancelling mobile contracts with Orange, with phone users keen to sign up to new deals with alternative providers.

As a result, the PAC code is hot, hot stuff. For the unenlightened, the PAC is a code that you current mobile provider must give you so that your number can be transferred to your new provider. A few years ago, the process of getting your PAC and using your favoured number on your new phone would take about five days.

Then Ofcom flexed their powerful regulatory muscle and got the heel-dragging mobile providers to slash the waiting time down to just two days. Now, it looks like it’s going to get even better – by 2011, it should take just a couple of hours.

Ofcom are purring like proud little pussycats over this one and say that it’ll make Britain the fastest number-porters in Europe. Of course, this will all happen about two years into the future, so there’s no guarantee that other countries won’t be doing it faster by then, but hey, let's allow them their moment of glory, eh?

Ofcom – you wouldn’t invite them to a party, would you?


  • Mike e.
    Cool, I want a PAC and I want it bloody well now!
  • Eddy
    i dont see what the big deal is. I mean the networks always gave u a temp number. Yeah its a good thing but not that amazing. C'mon Ofcom how about doing something decent like freeing up Virgin exchanges for other networks or allowing it so we can have Broadband with the many providers but you dont havt to have a line with BT!
  • charlotte
    FINALLY! making my job a lil bit easier by advising people it will take a couple of hours ...sweet! i agree with u there eddy! BT line this BT line that! well lets have a line but with NO contract on it with BT!
  • Jase
    When I left T-Mobile I managed to get it from the shop and walk straight to O2 across the street and start up my Simplicity account...number switched in around 24 hours.

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