Mobile launches galore at Barcelona's MWC fandango

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 14.13.24 And so to Barcelona, where the Mobile World Congress is underway, and there are some new, smarter-than-ever smartphones on their way, from LG, Sony, HTC and Huawei,

LG’s top effort is the Optimus 4X HD and comes equipped with a four-core processor and an high-def display. LG are boasting that it can be used for intensive gaming (you know, when you game really hard, gritting your teeth as you’re doing it) and that it can go two days without needing to be recharged.

In the Sony corner are, erm, Sony and they’ve got two new Xperia phones to show off, the mid-range-priced P and U, with an improved attempt to integrate their music, video, game and movie content into one indispensible phone. We don’t know if they’ve pulled it off because we’re not in Barcelona. Again.

Over to HTC’s stand (metaphorically) and we see that their new One range offers nothing much in the way of mind-boggling developments (at least not from where we’re sitting) – they’re blah-blahing about improved photography and design as well as an improvement in its Dropbox tie-up. Meh.

Meanwhile, in what was possibly the most impressive announcement, Chinese mobile behemoths Huawei unveiled the Ascend D Quad (pictured), which they’re saying is The World’s Fastest Smartphone. Now THAT’S a claim. Are you listening, HTC?

Oh yeah, and Nokia have come up with a 41MP camera phone, but it runs Symbian, so sod that.


  • Mike
    I'd say the LG phone looks a bit cheap while the HTC phone is basically the same internals + better camera and looks less cheap. Everyone to their own though.
  • Jeremy
    Where should I go for a gadget that JUST makes telephone calls? You know, you type a number in and a telephone rings somewhere...
  • Manuel
  • Richard
    No mobile phone games are intensive compared to the vita :-P

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