Mobile by Sainsbury's - terminating by 15th January 2016

13 October 2015

mobile phone We're hearing that that Mobile by Sainsbury's is permanently closing on 15th January 2016. This is thanks to a breakdown after negotiations with Vodafone.

Plans are no longer available over at, so in the next couple of days, customers can expect to get a 90 day notice period from Sainsbury's (from 15th October by the looks of things) where you'll get a PAC code so you can take your custom elsewhere.

We have a helpful guide on how to switch your mobile provider, which you can see here.

Your PAC number is the nine digit code (maybe more) which is valid for 30 days, enabling you to switch to someone new. If it runs out, you can ring your mobile provider again, where you'll get a new PAC. All you have to do, is ring up the new provider you like, give them your PAC code and woosh, you're away. Your number will be transferred the next working day.

If you want to speak to someone at the company, phone 40775 free from your Mobile by Sainsbury's phone. If you'd rather do it on a landline, then ring 033 33 048 047 (calls are charged at the national rate). Other forms of contact and emails are available here.

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  • Andrew
    Surprised as Sainsbury's seems to be a reliable brand name. It does affect how I view Sainsbury's from now. I switched to a Sainsbury SIM only a few days ago, registered an account and was looking at their online shopping site and starting to get a feeling of long term loyalty with a well known name, then woosh it all changes ... they could not set it up properly obviously, because selling SIMs is not like selling carrots, there needs to be some sort of longevity about this folks! ... and you can't cancel your account, there is no web button to say cancel my account and delete my credit card details, which they have since they say topping up will be easier after details are entered. I have no wish to join a queue to talk to anyone in Sainsbury's about this so the best I can do is change my address and email and name so that someone with my card number won't be able to use it. There has been no reassurance that all my data is going to be deleted after the service stops! Not so sure I want to look at their online delivery service now. Sorry Sainsbury's, you looked so good but I got an EE SIM now and hopefully they are going to be around for a while!!
  • Han S.
    "the best I can do is change my address and email and name so that someone with my card number won’t be able to use it" - Are you mental?
  • Jean C.
    “the best I can do is change my address and email and name so that someone with my card number won’t be able to use it” – Are you mental? -- You've got to think of every eventuality :-)
  • Ray A.
    Been with Sinsbury`s Mobile for a while now. Found them very good and at a competitive price. Unfortunately I have about £40 in my Pay as you Go account. I will find it hard to use this up in the next 3 months. I wonder if they will give me credit for any unusd monies. Nectar Points or S

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