Microsoft Office for Androids at last

powerpoint Microsoft Office finally officially makes its launch on Android tablets today.

The slowcoaches will bring Word, PowerPoint and Excel to the tablets, having faffed about it for too long. The apps work much like the iOS versions, letting you create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets that will sync with OneDrive so you can work from anywhere.

Also, the Android versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel let you quickly browse and open recent documents from your OneDrive or Dropbox accounts.

You can also create new projects using a variety of customizable templates for documents and presentations

It's the final hurdle after three months of testing and soft-launching Microsoft Office, which has benefited from customer feedback.

All of the apps require you to have a Microsoft account (you can sign up from the app itself if you don't have one), but once you're all set up, you'll be able to create and edit documents for free during a one-month trial. After your free trial is up, you can sign up for a subscription to Office 365 with a number of tiered subscription plans for both large and small businesses down to individual users. However all this stuff used to come as standard on some computers.

Office for Android works on tablets running Android KitKat 4.4, that also have 7-inch screens or larger (sorry, phablet owners). While you can use the final apps on an Android tablet running Lollipop.

Microsoft ain't said owt about iOS, so keep holding your breath as regards that.


  • Han S.
    Could just get OpenOffice for android and not have to pay anything
  • youngy
    Microsoft removed the 'Preview' tag from the iOS office apps and released Outlook to complete suite.

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