Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 have bought your television

17 November 2010

Ah, Microsoft. So desperate to have everyone believe the new Windows Phone 7 is where it's at, they've paid a metric fuckton of cash to US prime-time television dramas to have the phone make a guest appearance. But far from being a simple prop, the scripts have been tweaked to accommodate additional plugs for Bing and other features.

Let's start with Bones:

Hey, let's take a look at that voice command functionality in Castle (who has only ever used an iPhone in the series up until this point):

Last but not least, the most crass shoeing-in of a reference to Bing in the re-imagined Hawaii 5-0. Hang your head in shame, Jin Kwon:


  • The B.
    Ah, was that what it was in Bones? I know that she was pissing around with her phone for absolutely no reason but gave that little of a crap about it that I didn't realise it was a Windows adverts.
  • PokeHerPete
  • Mark C.
    Wow, those are only marginally more subtle than dropping in five minutesof footage of a naked Steve Ballmer sweating profusely while humping the leg of a giant gold statue of Bill Gates and screaming 'Windows Phone 7' over and over again in a disturbing high pitched voice.
  • Stu D.
    watched the last bones and they were like! Camera track left to blue car zoom in on badge then pan to occupants FBI dude - "hey bones look we are in your car instead of my big SUV" Bones - "yes thats right this is my new car I chose it because it offers excellent MPG" FBI dude - "wel it sure is nice" Bones - "yes it is I reviewed all available option and this was the most efficent choice of a vehicle" Camera - zoom out as they exut vehicle and track along car as they walk away Me - "What? Why have they stuck a commercial in the middle of the episode?"
  • zleet
    What about CSI NY and it's constant use of Ipads. They even had an episode where some women was creating music on a couple when she died and the entire episode had the cast going on about how amazing they are.
  • Andy
    @ zleet Couldn't agree more, the fucking Apple logo is everywhere all the time, it's good to see someone else whoring it in the media for a change.
  • kaibor
    Zleet is correct, Apple appears to have a 98% market share in movies and tv shows. There is nothing wrong with a bit of balance.
  • Lumoruk
    Even that lanky bastard on F1 has an iPad I wrote and complained to the BBC who told me to fuck off, they'll use what they want on air.
  • Hnnnrg
    My favourite thing about the clips is how the Castle dialogue is more than reminiscent of the recent Bing adverts. You know, the broken-down android information overload ads. MS ad team, I'm not quite sure what your message to me is.
  • Alexis
    "Even that lanky bastard on F1 has an iPad I wrote and complained to the BBC who told me to fuck off, they’ll use what they want on air." Haha. You know they use Sony cameras and Bose microphones as well. Or is that not ok either?
  • The B.
    To be fair to Bones, they've been plugging the crap out of the iPhone for the last 3+ seasons too. It's worth noting that Android requires none of this advertising and is the fastest selling phone OS.
  • james d.
    As if "bing it" is a recognised phrase
  • Al
    Got my grubby mitts on one of these earlier this week and as much as it pains me it is an excellent OS. Have refused a company phone as didn't want a winmo brick but I've changed my mind now.

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