Men wee sitting down so they can check their phone

A staggering QUARTER of men admit to sitting down on the toilet so they have their hands free to use their smartphones.

In a survey of 2000 people, three quarters of men and women also admitted to using their phone on the bog, with almost a third confessing that they’d answered the phone while they were dropping the kids off at the pool.

Mind you, if it sounds a bit unlikely, remember that this survey was carried out by Sony and O2, who are currently touting their new waterproof smartphone.

The water-resistant Xperia Z handset is being launched after the survey found 15% of people drop their mobile phone down the bog on a regular basis.

But if this is really true, and not just a lame way to make us buy a shiny new phone for no reason, bathroom telecommunications could actually change the way people work.

Plopping noises during conference calls, straining during important deals - all business will be conducted at Trump Towers. In fact, nobody has to get off the pan at all, not even Siralan Sugartits himself.

You’re Fired! *PARP*


  • noshit
    I always wondered what those knob sized holes in the walls were & the foot prints on the toilet seat lids?
  • Captain C.
    I sit down because I am considerate and like the missus to have a warm seat. No I dont, I sit down so I can pretend to have a poo, and grab 5 minutes reading Private Eye magazine in peace.
  • SB
    It's a good place to relax and let go... almost like a mini Thomas Cook holiday, but cheaper and the hygiene and smells are better. It's also better for the prostate that way, but remember to leave the seat up for days where you just about can make the trip.
  • Her L.
    I sit down for all toilet duties because it gives me a few minutes to catch up on my Google Reader feeds.
  • AJ
    why stand to do something I can do perfectly well sat down? Have always sat, don't see the point in standing.
  • Suranne S.
    This is a GOOD thing! Men just cannot aim (unless it's up a wall or some shop front) so if all men started sitting down, we women wouldn't need to wipe the bloody seat EVERY time before we go! If only there was some device that detected urine on the seat and immediately forced the miscreant face down onto it to make sure they licked it off before being released. Smiles all round!

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