MasterCard offering Apple Pay users free London public transport

oyster swipe MasterCard has, today, launched a limited "Fare Free Mondays" promo, which is offering free public transport to Apple Pay users in London. This is going to be a thing on Mondays between November 23 and December 14, 2015.

MasterCard customers who are using Apple Pay to tap their way around the capital will have up to £27.90 in daily fares refunded by MasterCard, which is handy if you're in London. It is utterly useless for the rest of the UK mind you, but there you go. You can use it on the Tube, buses, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services.

Mark Barnett, president of MasterCard UK&I said: "The move by TfL last year to accept contactless cards and devices on London Underground has been a phenomenal catalyst to the growth in contactless payments across the UK. Now that Apple Pay has arrived we want to encourage travellers on London’s transport network to try it out and give them another convenient option to pay for their travel."

"What better way to do this, than to offer MasterCard customers using Apple Pay the chance to travel for free over the next four consecutive Mondays."

So, if you don't live in London and have an Android phone, feel free to swear under your breath about those gits who live in London getting all the good stuff.

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