Mankind doomed, as IFart app rules the world

Steve Jobs isn't dead yet, despite rumours to the contrary. If he were, however, you'd probably be able to hear the high-speed whining sound of him spinning in his grave at approaching the speed of light.

Although I've never worked for Apple, it's reasonable to assume that the iFart app for the iPhone and iPod Touch wasn't the reason that Jobs and his team created the Apps Store. Sadly, it seems to be the one download that everyone wants.

Amazon had already cited the iPod Touch as the number one gadget on gift lists in December, and as a result Apple's Apps Store saw sales increase up to four-fold on Christmas Day. In particular, 38,927 people around the world spent 99 cents downloading the iFart app. The company who developed it, InfoMedia made $27,249 in net revenue from those 24 hours alone.

Sales preceding Christmas had topped 10,000 for several days and the app has spent plenty of time at #1 in the Apps Store chart, meaning revenue has passed six figures. All to press a button that makes bottom burps. Shame on you, people.


  • Mike H.
    you could spend 50p on a can of beans and get more realistic sounds and smells surely?
  • Dominic
    I don't get this application and its popularity? Surely you could just upload fart sounds (I'm sure there are plenty of them around for free if you search) to your iPhone and just play them back to get the same effect?
  • MB
    I wish someone did an ifart sneak attack on me. The sound alerts you to an unaccompanied ipod touch. Finders keepers.
  • iFart
    Dominic, but you couldn't use features like the Sneak Attack, Security Fart, I'm Feeling Lucky, Fart-A-Friend and more. iFart is not a fart soundboard.. it's a prank machine and that's why people love it.
  • jdenton
    i worry about those people who don't understand the appeal of iFart. Loosen up, try it, and have some fun. My kids love it, my parents love it (although they won't pronounce the name), and even my minister cracked up when I showed it to him. iFart embodies the most universal, cross-cultural and funny physical humor we as humans have. The music of pressure equalization

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