Mandatory weekend iPhone post - the iPhone video projector

iPhone article every other day blah blah blah fanboys blah Apple blah best smartphone ever blah blah blah. MiLi Pro projector blah blah available this September blah:

Blah blah projects up to a 40 inch screen blah blah, blah blah VGA input cable and an RCA input cable blah blah connect to a laptop PC or DVD player. Blah blah aren't iPhones brilliant and piss in my arse if you think otherwise blah blah blah.



  • Amanda H.
    Yakety yak chav yak yak yakety yak or chavette, yak yakety yak tied up to a tree yakety in a field yakety yakety yakety with a blood thursty yakety yak.
  • stefor
    And as it's something to do with iPhone, it'll be around £600 and locked to your specific iPhone!!
  • numberwang
    *projector not included that's on the next model we release next month for double the price! Apple ©
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is brian. I am new here. Can you please include more posts about the iPhone in your blog? Thanks
  • Michael J.
    Did he died!?
  • andy y.
    Are iPhones and loneliness correlated?
  • Gus
    IPHONE is shit etc...etc...
  • John
    LOL soooo pathetic, 99.9% of people who moan about iPhones have never even tried one, it's just jealousy. Just because I can't afford the Nokia N97 or the Samsung i8910 doesn't mean I'm gonna have a bitchy moan about it and since I've never tried them for a substantial period of time to judge them, so stop moaning and become part of the revolution
  • DX
    I totally agree with John there! The people who actually own an iPhone love it, the people who don't own one hate it, because they don't have it.
  • blah b.
    John and DX... I have a touch hd and my gf had the iphone. I think her phone is shit compared to mine and she agrees. my brother in law had the iphone... saw my touch hd and sold his iphone to get it and he loves it. iphone is for posers
  • well w.
    blah... just wondering. why is a touch hd better. always looking for a better phone if there's one over the iphone...please elaborate y it is better as i have a iphone and think it's the dogs bol....s
  • numberwang
    john: "stop moaning and become part of the revolution" "revolution"? LOL the only thing that's changed is that apple has make a shitload of $$$ from prats like you obvious macfag, obvious.
  • John
    And there we go again another pathetic person who has obviously never used and iPhone and stoops to low blows by introducing homophobicism, nice one numberwang, don't you look SO big now
  • itolson
    I have had three iphones, and used the lates 3gs, i also got a touch hd, needless to say i sold the iphones as once the bling factor wears off, the use factor kicks in and apples stranglehold on customisation becomes apparent. I don't see why so many people feel the need to defend there iphones, just use and enjoy what ever phone you own. I for one love my hd, it does satnav (Tom Tom, Igo) , A2DP BT Stereo Headset from day one, The Screen is fantastic, You can customise it until you are pig sick of customising. If you are a iphoner and are looking at the new 3gs, i would not bother, its the same apart from its a little quicker at launching programs etc. Apple are releasing a better res screen version next year so it would be a better bet to stick with what you have and then upgrade next year.
  • Andy B.
    Mandatory response to mandatory iPhone post: iphones are shit.
  • Duncan M.
    Looks like 90% of people here need to grow up.
  • ed
    People who hate the iPhone are sad, penniless virgins, who vent their hate on us iPhone owners for being so cool, well-off and attractive to the other sex.
  • The B.
    I have to say, after a year of using it the appeal of my iPhone has well and truly worn off and I'm becoming jaded about the things it doesn't have (Flash is just downright irritating), I was hoping the new HTC running Android would surpass the iPhone but it looks too gimmicky and rather than modelling it for both business and consumer markets they've marketed it at.... actually no idea, who markets a phone it's ability to join Facebook, Twitter and Flickr?
  • numberwang
    and how fucking funny is the new i-phone Ad......... "now with video" LOL welcome to 2002 :)
  • Loganotron P.
    [...] this product being a-maz-ing, the review at Bitter Wallet cracked me [...]
  • pauski
    PLEASE do not get "sucked" into the iphone projector. It will be useless. Don't get me wrong unless you live in an icave, with iblackout curtains and iamacunt status. Piss the imoney up the iwall. I do like the standard iphone ring tone though! I hope im not ihearing things..... Did anybody notice that Madoff uses 'Apple' products for the 65b$?
  • N20Y1D
    I'm suprised iphone owners havenet been screaming from the rooftops about how its so unfair that they dont get these free.

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