Man sees, touches and then talks about new Amazon Kindle tablet

amazon logo Last week we brought you murmurings about an impending Amazon tablet gizmo and now, only a few days later, an ACTUAL MAN has said that he’s seen and touched one. Which must mean it’s really real and will be the must-have tablet gizmo this Christmas.

That man is MG Siegler of TechCrunch and he says the gizmo he’s seen will be called the Amazon Kindle and will be a 7” tablet, running on a special version of Android and out in October. Most interestingly, Amazon will be selling it at $250 which translates as about £150 – way cheaper than the iPad that Amazon will be pitching it against. MG says it’s going to be huge.

Other things he speaks about are the fact that it has a full-colour screen, is backlit and as no e-ink. Oh, and no camera. The OS is a collaboration between Amazon and Android, with no trace of anything Google-flavoured at all. Amazon clearly have big plans for the future.

There’s apparently a 10” version in the offing but that won’t be around until some time next year. Keep watching the skies for more info, leaked pictures, lawsuits from Apple etc etc etc…


  • StuPid
    The silly thing is that Amazon have an amazing piece of kit with the Kindle 3, the e-ink allows you to see what you are looking at whilst outside (perfect for the beach) and I already have an iPad (and a Touchpad hehe) and many potential Kindle Tablet customers will have also, so do I want to spend £150 on a small tablet which will be heavily tied to Amazon, based on what I already own? No, but I do think I will pick up a Kindle 3, especially if we have a nice price drop. Amazon also will stick their own app store on it, which as we have seen with 90% of Android tablets, is a sure sign it's not an an iPad killer - more a 'hopeful impulse purchase'
  • The B.
    They might be on to a winner, I've deliberately held off on getting a tablet because the software wasn't there (and still is in the case of Apple), but also the pricing is just way too expensive on something that is a handheld multimedia device (i.e. you can't do anything vaguely professional with it). If they can throw out a sub £200 Android device with a decent spec (why on earth would you need a camera anyway), then I'd be swayed.
  • Marketing W.
    $250 = £250
  • The B.
    Hmmm, having just read the techcrunch article, I'm not convinced on the spec, single core with 6GB? Cloud based devices are all very well and good if you're constantly connected to the internet but seeing as the Amazon model is only going to have wi-fi and they "might" add 3G onto the 10" version well, meh is the best I can muster.
  • Phil76
    "Amazon will be selling it at $250 which translates as about £150" Gotta love hopeless optimism haven't you
  • Andy D.
    Erm, I merely translated the US RRP to UK money. I don't believe I said that it would be the UK RRP. OF COURSE IT FUCKING WON'T ;-)
  • Phil
    I can't believe people are moaning. Just wait a couple of months for someone to stick vanilla android on it (With google market etc) and it'll be a versatile piece of kit!
  • TechLogon
    Disappointed, I thought Amazon might push the boundaries but this appears to be just a bog standard 7" Android tablet, with a single core cpu - overpriced even if it is more than £150 which it will be. Apart from the Amazon brand sucking in the unwary, I can't see why this should be a success? The Android competition e.g. Hannspad 10" at £155 (dual core, proper size screen) is already streets ahead imho.
  • The B.
    @Phil, single core, 6GB? Versatile? Seriously?
  • StuPid
    But I could be tempted to buy one if Bitterwallet ever finish the magazine cover competition! (and I win obviously)
  • The B.
    Gizmodo knocked on up:
  • james D.
    If it has an SD card slot 6gb is fine. If not.. meh
  • Phil
    Yes seriosuly. My Android phone is single core and runs everything smoothly. A high speed single core is generally better than a slower mutlicore chip anyway. For the price (assuming it has a multitouch capactive screen) this device would be absolutely fine for gaming, browsing plus the odd video - Also knowing amazon (unlike the cheap Chinese android tablets) it will probably have a nice screen (which is what lets down 99% of cheap tablets currently). To sum up - yes the processor isn't the best but it'll do if the price is right and screen is good.
  • The B.
    @Phil, are you seriously saying that 6GB of space on a multimedia device is fine? Especially when there's no way to connect to the web because it has no 3G connectivity? Don't get me wrong if it has any sort of ability to add a card then that would be great but the guy that saw it sounded as though it didn't, specifically mentioning Cloud services kinda makes me think not..
  • Mark C.
    Hmm, it's worrying that they're calling this tablet a Kindle, suggesting it may replace Amazon's reader. If that's the plan, it would seem like Amazon have fallen for the misconception that everyone who owns a reader secretly wants a tablet instead. Well I don't - I like my current edition Kindle - I love the eInk screen, and the fact that I can't timewaste online when I should be reading, though i wouldn't say no to a new edition that was a bit less fragile.
  • Amazon’s C.
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  • klingelton
    i suspect that it won't be a replacement for the e-ink kindle reader, but a complementary device. I'm looking forward to it, however i hope that the prices of other e-ink kindle devices drop a touch when this is released - then i will buy both (seriously want a kindle, seems much lighter than carting around the amount of reference books i have!)
  • Mr c.
    Can't you rename the website to the period boys? It's got nothing to do with your wallet, just a bunch of annoying hen pecked toss pots, talking a load of bollocks while watching child porn, piss off and stop using your company computers to voice your bitter life on a worthless website, that no normal persons know or care about, living in your shitty terraced, small houses, claiming tax credits, in that shit hole called The North, Amazon me Arse

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