Man donates kidney in exchange for Apple gadgetry

kindey1 We’ve all seen a desirable item at one point or another that has caused us to say ‘Wow – I’d give my right arm for that!’. Over in China, a teenager recently took it a step further said ‘An iPhone and an iPad? Wow – I’d give my kidney for that!’ in an internet chatroom.

The teen, whose surname is Wang, duly went ahead with the procedure, and received $3,000 for his troubles, which he duly spent on the Apple gadgetry. Sadly, he now has renal failure, but he’s gotten really got at Angry Birds.

Wang’s kidney was procured through an internet chatroom and the shady group who lured him into it have been arrested. They did much better out of the deal, receiving $35,000.

There is a constant shortage of organ donors in China, with 1.5 million people needing transplants and only 10,000 performed each year. Also, modern gadgetry is unaffordable for most people in China, so you can see why Wang went to the lengths that he did.

Stupid Wang.



  • br04dyz
    World. Has. Failed.
  • zacspeed
    Word (spellcheck). has. failed.
  • LD
    Wang the Wank
  • This c.
    Stupid Wang with renal failure. Ha ha. Nice to see you getting a cheap laugh through a callous lack of concern for someone else because they live in another country and aren't you. Glad the world's so messed up you find things like this so hilarious. Shame on you, Andy Dawson. Still, I've had a word with God and he's said you're going to die of cancer. Ha ha.
  • heywood_jablome
    Surely the reason he is in that predicament is down to God, seeing as he/she is apparently omnipotent and omniprescent ? All kids born terminally ill are down to him as well. But that's god "working in mysterious ways". Oh and of course if youy don't believe that, you'll burn in hell.
  • youre c.
    I would leap to Andy's defence. But I'm banned.
  • youre c. seems I'm not.... Anyway "This site really is getting crap" you really have missed the point, I love this site and am going to retire from trolling it as well.
  • Craig
    He saved a persons life, doesn't sound too stupid to me. One problem other than renal failure... what happens when the new models are released?
  • An O.
    @Craig - Id give my right nut to know.
  • zeddy
    @Craig: I wasn't aware that they updated kidneys with new models?
  • Shady G.
    @An Ominous Good news! I'm in a position to tell you and can also offer you the grand sum of £15 for your right nut! @Rich Man with only one testicle - Shouldn't be long now sir.
  • Mr P.
    This Wang is a total cock. I'm here all week folks.
  • Arthur's g.
    Where is everyone I recognise? I don't like this
  • Alan T.
    Yet another example of a complete lack of proof reading in the main article, 'gotten really got at angry birds'. Come on, if you're going to post crap stories, at least proof read the crap you're writing.
  • charitynjw
    I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous>
  • qwertyuiop
    @Alan Proof reading is an alien concept to most writers, never mind Andy Dawson and his lover Mof Gimpers
  • youre c.
    mof bums foxes
  • Alan T.
    What's with the fox obssession? Seriously?
  • Mof e.
    i blow goats
  • Red K.
    Hello Alan, keep up, the foxy thing has only been on here for about two years.
  • The O.
    What a farce
  • The O.
  • Kevin
    Old story
  • I s.
    A new app is soon to be released that can locate your closest wasps nest, helping you to stay safe and sting-free. The app works as every wasp nest in the world contains a unique chemical which can be ‘read’ by Google Maps.
  • Shady G.
    @charitynjw Good news! I’m in a position to help you learn this skill and can also offer you the grand sum of £150 for your right arm! @Rich Man with only one arm – Shouldn’t be long now sir.
  • Mary H.
    What a wanger.

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