Lower your mobile bill by watching adverts

Lower your mobile bill by watching adverts

Tesco Mobile have hit on an idea, where you can get a cheaper mobile bill.

They've got a brand new app, which will lower the cost of your monthly mobile contract - how does it do that? It gets you to look at some adverts.

You can get this app for Android smartphones on the Google Play Store. Have a look for an app called Tesco Xtras. If you install it, every time you unlock your phone, you'll watch an advert.

If you agree to this, you'll get £3 knocked off your monthly mobile contract. Feels like Tesco should've been a bit more generous with the savings offered, but if you could do with saving that money, knock yourself out.

If you're only spending a tenner a month on your mobile, then £3 is a decent enough saving.

Don't worry about your data costs mounting up - Tesco Mobile is offering an extra 200MB of data every month, to cover the ads being watched. They've also said that you won't have to watch these static ads when you're abroad or not connected to WiFi.

CEO of Tesco Mobile, Anthony Vollmer said: "Tesco Mobile Xtras, powered by Unlockd's unique mobile platform, provides our customers with the chance to make savings that really add up."

"This innovative new service is a UK exclusive and we're excited that our customers get to benefit first from this new technology."

We don't know if the adverts will be particularly useful to users - should Tesco adopt a geolocation service, so the ads you see offer you money off at a local shop or whatever, that could be good.

Of course, some people don't want to give their location to a huge company like this, so this app isn't going to be for you. An interesting idea though, which if it works, could be offered by a host of mobile networks.

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