Lost and found - a second iPhone prototype

What's that distant sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth? It's the sound of Steve Jobs as he realises another iPhone prototype has disappeared from Cupertino and ended up in the hands of geeks, who have subsequently dismantled it for the world to see. The bastards.

According to MacRumours, the test unit was bought in the US by a a Vietnamese businessman. Odd that it should end up taken apart and photographed for the public display, then - why would a Vietnamese businessman buy it, to then see it dismantled? That's not usually how industrial espionage works, and it's not what you'd do if you'd spent (presumably) a lot of money on a valuable prototype.

So is it a fake? It doesn't appear to be; the unit is near-identical to that which turned up in a bar up last month (with some small differences to the build), meaning this is very likely to be the shape and style of the next iPhone. The key difference is that this model switches on, but only to display some sort of diagnostic screen. The guts of the phone reveal near-identical tech to the previous prototype.

The only saving grace for Jobs is that the YouTube video is in Vietnamese, meaning nobody in the English-speaking world will learn of Apple's insidious plan to collect DNA samples from owners for their global database of cocksockets:

[Mac Rumours]


  • Nobby
    I go through exactly the same feeling, tapping and squeezing process, for about the same amount of time, before deciding whether or not to buy grapefruit. Ordinarily I would not have made it to the end of such a video, but having the BeeGees to sing along to helped.
  • wander
    WTF Nobby ARE U REAL?
  • Biffy
    Awesome. Vietnamese guy stroking a phone. Get really interesting at 2 minutes when he pulls out his toothpick (not metaphorical) and starts poking. It finishes off nicely by going back to some of that much-loved stroking action.
  • Judgejules
    Stroking it to coax it in to life perhaps!
  • Loops
    I am a complete apple fanboy So many people are sucked in by this, its all a promotional stunt, to either whip up interest or its a decoy. Apple are not that daft to "lose" prototypes Everyone is discussing it , and waiting for it, and theres been hardly a penny spent on advertising...who wins apple of course
  • Nobby
    They don't need to advertise anyway. People that will buy it will buy it. What it does do though is damage current sales if you want something that the new one offers. Why buy a current model now if you know that the next version has feature X that you want.
  • Biffy
    @Loops: Yeah, I'm going to buy one. I need to know if caressing it feels as good as that undercover Vietnamese Apple PR guy is making it out to be!
  • JNG
  • Blarty b.
    How deep is your love for the new Iphone? I'm going to go and listen to some more BeeGees...
  • F. F.
    I think I may have apple sauce all over my hands...
  • Basil B.
    psst...Wonky Henry won't find me here...
  • Murtin M.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Morocco
    Bitterwallet is fast becoming the Apple fanboy equivalent to Pornhub. Ooh, look, it's an iPhone with its kit off!
  • dunfyboy
  • bob
    gripping stuff....................... muppets

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