Losers strike back: Nokia challenge Spotify and BlackBerry unveil new phone

Today, it is the Revenge of the Losers. First up, Nokia who are hoping to win people over that were last in love with the company when they made Snake II, with a new music service.

Nokia Music+ is a subscription-based service which is very similar to the hugely popular Spotify (which just so happens to be unavailable for Windows Phone users). Nokia customers will be able to download unlimited mixes for offline playback, listen to tracks with unlimited track skips, have the option to select higher quality audio when connecting via Wi-Fi and stream lyrics.

However, the big difference is that Nokia Music+ will cost just £3.99 a month (Spotify Premium is around a tenner).

"By removing barriers like adverts and sign-ins, Nokia Music makes it easy for users to discover and enjoy music on the go. Nokia Music+ now provides increased control over the listening experience at half the cost of many third party services," said Jyrki Rosenberg, VP for Entertainment at Nokia.

Nokia Music+ will be available to Nokia Lumia owners as a paid update and will roll out very soon.

Elsewhere, BlackBerry are looking to crawl back into our affections, as Research In Motion (RIM) look to put their huge global operating losses behind them and unveil new phones on Wednesday. One phone will feature the classic BB keyboard, while the other will have a touchscreen. Both handsets will showcase the new BB10 software, according to reports.

If it fails, it looks like BlackBerry could disappear forever. If they are to succeed, analysts think that RIM will need to win back the corporate customers that used BBs so extensively. As for Nokia? Will this be the thing that helps them to rival Samsung and Apple? It's not exactly offering anything new is it?


  • Darren
    Blackberry are dead. they used to be the business phone of choice, but since they had soo many outages, why would any business take them on. Then you had their secondary customer "the teenager" due to bbm, but now you have soo many options with whatsapp and such for messaging that they don't want a problematic and feature lacking phone either! Nokia, stuck in the 90's They went wrong when they took on Windows Phone as the OS of choice, Nokia had the best screens you could get, my wife had a pre release one of them, but everyone know the Symbian OS was buggered and ready for the scrap heap, but then they choose to go to the "new" and very much still in development Windows OS, I think if they had of gone down the Android route they would have done soo much better, but then again Microsoft did pay them off for that!
  • yak
    dont think nokia really went wrong not choosing android. It doesnt seem to have helped htc or even sony that much, only really samsung that are storming it.
  • Sicknote
    @Darren BB are dead; you are funny mate. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about or you would know the value of the RIM patent portfolio.
  • StuPid
    Got hold of Sony Music Unlimited for 11.99 for the year over the festive period - works on all my devices (either through a browser or an app) and has pretty much the same functionality as Spotify and this will have, but for much less money. Alternatively - something like TuneIn radio works lovely - discover new music!
  • Darren
    @Sicknote What has RIM's patent portfolio got to do with BB. RIM might be able to make a mint from the patents, but that will not help them recover the BB Brand. I was saying the devices BB are dead. @yak Good Point, the problem is the HTC phones are mostly ugly, whereas Nokia already had a strong following, pretty phones and an amazing screen. I would have been tempted with Nokia if they went Android.
  • Ric B.
    @Sick note. HTC's customer service pissed a lot of people off and switched them off the brand as did a series of dull meh upgrades ala Apple. The One X could have made inroads back to the market but Samsung give the public basically the same phone but with 2 features Android owners like, SD card support and a removable battery! Sony are fighting back too, they have bought out Ericsson and are producing some phones people might actually want again, the Z looks a cracking phone and is pretty much bang on the spec for a 2013 flagship handset spec wise. RIM are fucked, their future relies in cross product supply of their services - as a hardware manufacturer I'm pretty certain that they won't be by 2015.

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