Lose the Facebook apps on your Android, and speed everything up

Bitterwallet - FacebookIf your Android phone has been slower than an aged sloth that's been on the bongs lately, and you've shut down apps and cleared cache, but to no avail, there might be one more thing you need to try - deleting the Facebook apps.

The apps Facebook make are the kind that constantly work, which can slow your phone down and drain your battery. BW tried it, and the performance of the phones tested improved greatly.

Multiple people have been pointing this out recently, and over at AndroidCentral.com, they've been running tests. Over there, Russell Holly wrote: "Recently I noticed some performance issues on multiple phones, and had started paying closer attention to what exactly was causing these problems. When Facebook turned out to be one of the more egregious resource hogs, I uninstalled it to see how things improved."

"Not only did my performance issues go away entirely, but I discovered I didn't actually lose any of the Facebook features I cared about by uninstalling the app."

Basically, if you want to use Facebook while getting rid of the app, you can still use it via your phone's browser. Basically, you can still access it as normal through Chrome, or whichever browser you use, and still get what you need from the service.

He continued: "Active Facebook users... will notice a few things missing [including Instant Articles, location-based functionality and autoplaying GIFs]. For a more casual user like me, these aren't features I miss, and I think it's great Facebook has put so much effort into their mobile implementation so users who find the app to be a little much can still have a great experience."

If you want to have a designated app for Facebook, that won't clog up your phone, then one option is an app called 'Metal' (which you can get here), which will ensure your phone is faster, and lasts longer.

Facebook themselves have said that they're going to be looking into this. A spokesperson for the social network said: "We have heard reports of some people experiencing speed issues stemming from our Android app. We are looking into this and will keep [users] posted. We are committed to continuing to improve these issues."

You may recall that Apple users had similar issues last year, and Facebook were quick to fix the problems that arose. They'll no doubt be doing the same for Android, but you suspect it might take a little longer. We'll keep you posted.

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  • Keith t.
    It's also close to 300mB in size (if you include messenger) which is taking up valuable space. I Deleted Facebook and install Fastbook Pro, it's not all bells and whistles but only 20mB. Also Videos do not play unless you select them Saving your data allowance.

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