Look! Someone's made the Uber equivalent for champagne

champagne Are you always running out of champagne? Do you find yourself frequently in the middle of champagne based emergencies?

Well, aren't you in luck, you hooting posho? Yes you are. That's because the taxi/delivery service Gett, has launched a service that will allow London sorts to get champagne to their door. Naturally, this isn't available to everyone in London.

You'll have to live in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, The City, Belgravia, Chelsea, Kensington, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch, if you want in on all this.

The fizz will be supplied by Amathus and you can get deliveries within 10 minutes of ordering.

So whether you've used up all the champers by bathing in it while on the phone to your favourite oil baron, or whether you've been pouring it down the drain with your oligarch mates just to annoy some poor people, you'll be able to get some more booze in with a few taps on an app.

For £50, you'll be able to get a bottle of Veuve Clicquot with a couple of flutes, but sadly, it will be delivered by a working class person on a motorbike, so you might have to shake hands or make eye-contact with a commoner. JOLLY GOOD, BALLY SPIFFING SOMETHING OR OTHER OLD CHAP, etc.

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