Look at the size of that thing - the future of Apple

Bitterwallet - the future of Apple


  • Jassen
    I look forward to a food-resistant iPlacemat, better yet, iBeermat
  • maxtweenie
    And in every picture I can see an iTwat.
  • Oliver M.
    I love the look of the iMat... Band-Hero is sooo outdated... Break-Hero here we come!
  • Richard
    So you're general point here is that the iPad is just a big iPhone... .... .... ... Well fucking done...
  • chris
    richard , your a dick
  • The d.
    Chris, you cannot spell. It should have been "you're" not "your".
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Does anyone know how much the iBoard will cost? I've got £500 saved up for the iPad, so i need to know how many jobs around the house i have to do so i can purchase the iBoard on release day. Thanks
  • Jack
    "The man from delmonte" Great, Captain Obvious strikes again! I'm glad we have people like you to patrol these comments, making sure everyone is following the laws of the interwebs. But seriously fuck you and fuck you Dick.
  • Jack
    I enjoyed the post, I think these are good artists impressions of things to come, unless you have a time machine, and have taken these pictures, but have come back to the future to warn us!
  • JJ
    The man from delmonte, it's actually grammar and not spelling.
  • JJ
    The man from delmonte, it's also "can not", two seperate words. Alternatively you could have gone with "can't".
  • David M.
    It's clearly balls, There is a camera app on the Iboard, Apple would never add something that useful.
  • DBL
    JJ, you are incorrect on both counts.
  • DBL
    P.S. Richard you're a dick.
  • The D.
    I have just come back from the future, and there is only i....
  • JJ
    DBL is retarded.
  • Andrew R.
  • -]
    DBL might be retarded, but at least they are correct, unlike JJ. Cannot is correct. Can not is also correct, but far less common. Don't take my word for it, ask Oxford: http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutspelling/cannot
  • Paranor
    Clearly, moving forward, by 2050 it will be i-world!

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