Lonely man gets £91,000 phone bill for phoning up the sexy ladies

woman on the phone
Sexual Tina operating a chatline, this morning

A very lonely man has run up a £91,184 phone bill in two months after enjoying a premium rate sex line a little too much, after his missus left him. Kevin Waldrum split with his partner and saw adverts for the service on the telly, and preceded to get stuck in.

Sadly for Mr Waldrum, he didn't realise that the internet is jammed-packed with bongo films which you can watch for free, or indeed, he could've enjoyed the battery-farm sex fun of Babestation without ringing a soul.

Either way, our plucky onanist worked up nearly £20,000's worth of smut and Vodafone were more than happy to send him the bill. That didn't stop him as he continued apace, receiving a second bill which totalled £71,850.

This caused poor Kevin to complain to Vodafone saying: "The Vodafone need shutting down because they're ripping people off left, right and centre. I am so down, depressed, desperate and anxious over the whole situation."

Note the lovely use of 'The Vodafone'. He continued: "I'm not putting all the blame on them but not even multi-millionaires would want to spend this much on a phone bill, surely, so why I have been allowed to go up to £91,000."

Because you've been ringing mucky chatlines which are infamously costly.

Now, poor old Kevin says he feels 'physically sick' when he sees Vodafone shops and that he felt a 'special bond' with one of the girls on the line he regularly spoke to.

A Vodafone statement on the situation, said: "We had previously barred a phone used by Mr Waldrum on September 11 for high usage but he got round this by requesting a replacement SIM card from a retail store, saying he had lost the original." They have reduced the bill in a bid to be nice, however, once the charges are waived, poor old Kevin Waldrum is still liable for £29,083.

Kevin, if you're reading this, put the phone down and learn how to use a search engine.


  • SB
    It's not all bad. He'll at least get a decent upgrade. Sad wanker will probably choose an iPhone though.
  • andy y.
    Need ..buy..more..Vodafone..shares
  • shiftynifty
    lol.....special bond...anyway if he tucks them up it will come out of their dodgy tax avoidance...small change out of 6 billion
  • Table t.
    "Kevin, if you’re reading this, put the phone down and learn how to use a search engine." I would imagine he's on the hands free !
  • Big M.
    For that money he could have banged Chewbacca's mum approx. 91,000 times....
  • chewbacca
    @Small Todger Not entirely sure why he'd need that amount of money to commit necrophilia, regardless of the amount of times he wants to do "it". I'm still the most popular on this site. Go me!
  • chewbacca
    sorry ignore me i always talk complete shit and like having sex with VHS players.
  • chewbacca
    sorry forgot.... fucking morons...yadda yadda yadda....
  • Zleet
    Sex chat lines aren't the only ripoff tv phone ins. I had a drunk friend staying at mine ring late night quiz shows because he was bored and cost me nearly fifty quid on my bill.
  • Dick
    Most expensive wank he ever had
  • Mike O.
    @Table Top You only need one hand free. I would imagine.
  • Captain W.
    Depends how much girth there is to get your hands round.
  • chewbacca's m.
    oy, I was on a promise!
  • shakesheadsadly
    I'm sorry. I ran up a hughe bill. Vodafone tried to stop me. I then lied to them to get round the block and ran up an even larger bill, and it's vodafone who are the bad guys?!?!?!? This is what's wrong with this country. No one takes responsibility for their own actions. I hate vodafone as much as anyone with their scummy tax dodging ways but seriously, I hope they get every last penny off him. And then pay some tax. Or spring for us all to have a night with chewbacca's mum...

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