Live UK telly now available on your iPhone

tv-catchup-logo Roll up, roll up for today’s red hot Bitterwallet iPhone story. As we continue to await software for the Jesus Phone that will allow you to heal wounds in a couple of seconds and read the minds of dogs, something has come along that will allow us to stop what we’re doing and watch telly instead.

Yes, now lucky iPhone users can watch live telly on their iPhone. Oh yes, just like Sir Clive Sinclair dreamed we’d do thirty years or so ago. It’s thanks to the wizards at TV Catchup – they’ve developed a beta site that gives you a choice of 11 UK Freeview channels to gawp at on your iPhone while they wait for their full-blown app to get full-blown Apple approval.

Naturally, your best bet is to use it via a Wi-fi connection but it’s watchable (if a little jumpy) with an average 3G signal. A few minutes ago, we watched Angela Rippon up a tower and it was exhilarating – like being back in 1969 and seeing the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Later we’re going to watch Countdown and maybe an old episode of Friends. Who knew the future would be THIS exciting??

(thanks to HUKD member ‘the porter’)


  • Adam
    No BBC Four though! :(
  • Andy D.
    Not yet. It's on the main site though, so it should be on the app or the full version of the iPhone site when it comes out of Beta stage. Oooh, Glamour Puds is coming on C4 soon!
  • magicjay
    ...surely this wont stick around?! I give it a week and it will be pulled...
  • Alex W.
    Have been trying intermittently all day and can't get it to work.
  • Monkey
    This is class just tried it works well.
  • Nadeem S.
    Hey wheres the thanks to me i found the hot hot hot freebie and posted it on hukd? lol :) A great service they provide and hope it continues for a long long time :) Nice blog.
    • Andy D.
      BIG THANKS TO NADEEM!!!!! How's that?
  • Nadeem S.
    lol very funny! How long have this site been running? I've read a few blogs of yours on HUKD and i really have enjoyed reading them, keep up the good humour (if thats how you spell it)
    • Andy D.
      @Nadeem We've been going for over a year - are you trying to say you've just started reading now??? SCREW YOU NADEEM!!! ;-)
  • gjgbarclay
    Impressive... On 3G and no stuttering or buffering at all And it gives you a nice icon when you add it to your home sceen
  • aj
    Keeps asking me to install adobe flash...which of course I cant????
  • David
    Works perfect for me over 3G! no jumping or anything! Very nice clear picture too with very little pixelisation
  • Simon
    I Just watched This Morning on ITV over 3G for an hour! I did a test though and cleared my data counter to zero before. For the hour i was watching it downloaded just short of 220MB!!!! Ive got a feeling O2 are going to have a problem with this app!!!
  • magicjay
    AJ - you dont need to put in www. ....that is probably where you are going straight in to your Safari browser...
  • Skinflint
    Nice one I wonder if this would count as watching the programme as it is broadcast?, if not you don't need a tv license to use it. Tie up your aerial n watch tv through this on media center and tell the beeb to feck off!.
  • Ian
    This is awesome. Drains battery but that is to be expected. Been watching The Simpsons on 3G and picture quality has been perfect, and no jumping or buffering. If only they had free wi-fi on trains, this would be amazing!! Simon - watching This Morning? You fag.
  • Kevin
    Very impressive!
  • him
    just downloaded this onto my television. Works like a treat.
  • Gary G.
    OH MY POOP. I will actually be on high when they get dave onto this thing.
  • Antony W.
    Just as bad as the BBC, for all its claims of being a "world wide braodcaster" this thing, like iPlayrer", does NOT work outside UK. WIn again for the "rights" crowd. When can we have the BBC really become a world wide broadcaster?
  • Ian
    "When can we have the BBC really become a world wide broadcaster?" When foreigners contribute to my TV license!!
  • aj
    Sorted Thanks majicjay much appreciated.

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