Life changes forever as Football Manager comes to the iPhone!

football-manager-handheld-2010-20100412043020142 Marriage-salvaging service Relate could be drafting in scores of extra staff in coming weeks. That’s because thousands, nay millions of faltering relationships across the nation are about to be dealt the killer blow… as Football Manager 2010 comes to the iPhone, as early as TODAY! (EDIT: It's in the App Store NOW!)

The soccerball boss-game has broken countless sales records over the years and has been known to turn ordinary, well-rounded men into gibbering addicts, unwilling to participate in real life, preferring instead to try and guide Cambridge United to their seventh consecutive Champions League final. Trust me – I know of what I speak.

Already available for the PSP, now the game that some of the finest minds alive have described as being “as, if not more addictive than crack” can be played anywhere, anytime, for as long as your battery lasts.

Early reviews suggest that, although it has been stripped of much of its finer detail (for some players, the most annoying aspect of recent FM games), it is as delightful as a baby chimp on a swing and could change society as we know it. It’s definitely a bigger story than any party political election manifesto, that’s for sure, and only £6.99 for an infinite hit.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have an iPhone and want to join in with the Football Manager 2010 craze, Tesco have announced that they’re chipping away slightly at the cost of owning an iPhone, with revised pricing for both the beloved handset and the monthly tariff.

Their £35 per month tariff gets you the iPhone 3G 8GB for £100, 3GS 16GB for £200 or the 3GS 32GB for £275 as part of a 12-month contract. The plan includes unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi and 750 free voice minutes each month.

Tesco are also offering a £20 monthly tariff, although you’ll pay a higher price initially for the handset and they also say that a SIM-only deal for the Jesus phone could be on the horizon.

Maybe one day the iPhone will be as affordable as lesser, normal phones… hmmm…..

[Thanks to avid HUKD member HOQUE.CO.UK]


  • unnamed
    Awesome, was going to get it for the PSP but might as well get it on the iPhone instead
  • PaulH
    PSP version was ok - after playing the Championship Manager iPhone app I won't be holding my breath for this...good job I have a jailbroken iPhone so I'll get it for fweeeeeee
  • Ian
  • A I.
    Android sucks.

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