Let's give a small hand for this iPhone case

Stop the clock! The search for the creepiest iPhone accessory is now OVER as far as we’re concerned.

Here’s a new case for the iPhone 4 that looks for all the world as though its owner has sawed a child’s hand off and glued it on to the back of the phone.


You can also get a slightly larger ‘woman’s hand version’ if you like the idea but are a bit too weirded out by the kiddie version.

Not cool. Big Bitterwallet thumbs off thumbs down for this one.

[Boing Boing]


  • Phil
    WTF? Seriously who would want this? Its not like it makes any sense... Its not holding the phone or set up for a Halloween joke (no blood) so what is the reason for such a thing?
  • Dick
    It's for the iWank app. And if the kiddie one freaks you out, can't you just pretend it's Jeremy Beadle's right hand? Game for a laugh?
  • matt
    This is awesome if you're a fan of the Addams family! great now I've got the theme tune in my head :)
  • Paul G.
    Do you have a link? It looks perfect for my front jeans pocket, it'll probably rub a bit.
  • Nobody s.
  • Zleet
    Anyone who buys a baby hand to fit a device that vibrates should immediately be put on a list.
  • Danny
    This is so you can give yourself a backhanded wank while watching porn on the old retina screen. Handy!!!

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