Leaked images of iPhone 7?

Leaked images of iPhone 7?

Oh look! It's another iPhone rumour, and this time, we're looking at a supposed leak of the new iPhone 7.

It looks like it could be an iPhone 7 Plus or Pro, as it seems to be a bit on the large side for Apple.

Apple site 9to5Mac earlier stumbled across these images, while looking through the Weibo social network in China.

Obviously, it might be a fake, but such is the nature of media, we need to run these things on the off-chance it turns out to be true, so we can yell "TOLD YOU SO!"

Mostly, the rumours concerning the next big iPhone release revolve around the missing headphone jack, meaning that there's going to be an upswing in the sale of bluetooth headphone.

There's also talk of the moving of the device's antenna lines too, as well as some chat about a curved display.

A lot of talk focuses on numerous versions of the iPhone 7, with the potential release of a standard version, as well as an iPhone 7 Plus, and maybe an iPhone 7 Pro.

Looks like there'll be a dual camera affair, as well as the elimination of the mute button, and the much muttered about Smart Connector.

The Smart Connector can be seen with the iPad Pro, which lets you connect all manner of accessories to your device. Seems likely that the next iPhone will be doing the same thing.

Of course, Apple are saying nothing because rumours do the work of their marketing department half the time.

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