Leaked image of iPhone 7 surfaces?

24 May 2016
Leaked image of iPhone 7 surfaces?

Rumours of what the new iPhone 7 will look like took a turn this week, thanks to a leaked image.

The photo shows the back of the iPhone 7, and shows what appears to be a new rear camera, and it isn't flush with the casing. It protrudes a bit and is bevelled.

As you can see below, the camera is positioned closer to the top-left corner, which is different from existing iPhones.

The camera looks a bit bigger too, which suggests that there's going to be an improvement with image resolution/picture quality, video capabilities, and all that good stuff.

Here's the image, which may or may not be true.

For the super nerdy, these images also show off redesigned antenna lines. Looks like they'll be going around the edge of the smartphone.

Of course, any iPhone redesign isn't going to be wildly drastic, as Apple have a look when it comes to design. Besides, pretty much all smartphones look the same in 2016.

Unless of course, the Razr makes a comeback.

Either way, it looks like the iPhone 7 will be shown off at an Apple press event some time in Autumn.

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