'Kin hell! Microsoft launch new not-all-that-smart-really phone

KIN_ONE_508 Microsoft have launched their ‘social networking’ phone that has been the stuff of rumour and speculation on, er, social networks and elsewhere (like here) over the past few months,

It’s called the Kin and rather than attempt to pull off an ‘iPhone-killer,’ Microsoft are aiming this one more at ‘da yoof’ with their Facebooking and Twittering habits. Made by Sharp, it will go on sale in the US in May with a European version (available on Vodafone) coming in the Autumn.

From looking at pictures and video footage of as well as nicking words from other websites and media organisations, we can not-exclusively reveal the Kin has a multi-touch screen with a slide-out keyboard. The home screen is always on and keeps the user up to date with all the latest tweets, Facebook postings and other pointless shite that will stop them from ever evolving into a complete human being.

The screen also includes the ‘spot’ where the user can drag content before deciding what to do with it and who they want to share it with – possibly like an inside-out recycle bin. It will also be the first phone to access Microsoft’s Zune music service. Cowabunga.

Microsoft’s Derek Snyder envisaged a better world when he told some other people: “Social is the DNA of this phone. Social is the fabric of this experience.” We’ll take that phrase to our graves. What was it again?


  • kev
    very creative name : ) amazon won't be too happy
  • Tesh
    ugly square pebble phone, eww, added fact its form microsoft ewwww lol
  • PennyPincher
    Did they really name their music service Cowabunga? Oh Microsoft...
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Looks like a squished Palm Pre
  • Grammar N.
    Loved the 'evolving' comment. So true. =)
  • (jah) w.
    Looks like a direct ripoff of the Motorola Karma: http://www.pcurbano.cl/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/motorola-2dkarma.jpg
  • Brian
    Please send me a WePad. Thanks
  • Kin B.
    [...] dream we had? Turns out it was kind of both but now the dream is dead. We speak of course about the Microsoft Kin, Team Bill’s attempt to bring the world a ‘social phone’ that was loaded with features for [...]
  • greg
    never even heard of it

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