Keep your kids away from your dangerous pornphone

Smartphones are a great way to give your children access to online pornography and turn them into violent sex offending criminals or victims of abuse.

noiphone for you

That’s according to Tom Winsor, Chief Inspector of Hyperbole Constabulary, who has said that smartphones are the gateway to obscene material which can ‘distort and confuse their perceptions of normal behaviour.’

The leader of the police watchdog also did some top quality parent blaming, saying that parents were often not aware of what their children were looking at and had a responsibility to instill a sense of right and wrong (ie: Two Girls, One Cup – WRONG, youTube videos of kittens – RIGHT).

Modern technology provides new and more effective ways for children to be abused, pursued and drawn into crime.’ He said. ‘Very large proportions of children spend time online, often in conditions where they are not protected and their parents or guardians have little or no appreciation of the risks to which they are exposed.’

While we all have a responsibility to protect our children online, are smartphones really a gateway drug to a life of depraved hell? Or are they just using them to play Farm Heroes and take bad selfies?

What do you think?

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