Jet Set Willy comes to the iPhone!

jsw2Grown ups of a certain age are sure to become slightly misty-eyed when we tell you that the seminal ZX Spectrum game Jet Set Willy will be coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as of next week. Oh yes.

Available for £1.19 (good value as this writer remembers paying £5.95 for it in Fenwicks in Newcastle in 1984), it’s the latest in the Elite Collection available in the App Store and it’s the kind of news that might very well rock your world, as you’ll be able to relive your youth while on the move or stuck on public transport. Hopefully you won't need to refer to the colour code card before you start.

Of course, you can already play the game on your computer, along with hundreds of others at the seminal site, pausing only to leaf through some old issues of the seminal Spectrum-flavoured Crash magazine, now available online. Or perhaps you'll wait for the mooted console relaunch.

That you sorted for the weekend then? Our pleasure…


  • Deal B.
    [...] you could just spend the weekend playing old Spectrum games on your laptop [...]
  • Bubba S.
    It's Fenwick, not Fenwicks
  • Billy
    Babba It's Fenwick? or Fenwick! from memory.
  • Reverend J.
    I thought this was going to be the ultimate in proof, that iphone users are twats.. but to my delight, its just proof, that zx-spectrum users are also twats! SYNTAX ERROR! FTW!
  • fra
    Ah Jet Set Willy, an occupational hazard of the Mile High Club.....

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