It's official - no new iPhone, says Carphone Warehouse

It's true, and it's a Bitterwallet world exclusive. Forget all the rumours and speculation from the past six months - there will be no new Apple iPhone this summer. We know it's true because the Carphone Warehouse said so.

Bitterwallet reader sukie4 phoned the main sales number for CPW to ask when the new phones would become available - expected by pretty much everyone in the world to be announced next month - and was told in no uncertain terms it wasn't going to happen:

A guy from the sales department at Carphone Warehouse told me over the phone today that there is NO NEW IPHONE coming out. He suggested I sign up immediately to a £35/month contract for the current iphone and repeated that I SHOULD NOT go onto payg and wait for a new Iphone that is NEVER GOING TO COME OUT. Lovely chap.

This dude works for CPW so he must know what he's talking about, right? It's not like he'd intentionally mislead a customer because stores are currently trying to flog the current iPhone 3G on two-year contracts to make room for the new releases, now is it?

Not that we'd doubt the word of a salesman, but we called a few local branches of Carphone Warehouse and asked them when the new iPhone will be announced:

Eldon Square, Newcastle:

"I don't think dates have been released yet, let me check on the internet. It doesn't say, but I think it's due for release in July, maybe later than that.

Kings Chase Shopping Centre, Bristol:

"It's speculation, that's all it is. Speculation. We haven't been told there's a new iPhone. It's speculation. But it's speculated that there'll be a 32Gb handset with a 3.2 megapixel camera and FM radio built in. I can't advise you whether you should buy now or not."

Wharfside Shopping Centre, Penzance:

"To be honest, we haven't been told yet. We'll probably find out one to two weeks before release. We're usually the last to know."

A July release date hasn't been in the frame for some time, and an FM radio has never been seriously proposed as a feature. So no great surprise - we'd hazard a guess that CPW hasn't bothered to brief its staff on how to deal with customers asking obvious questions, or what the hell is actually going on. Worse, we've been robbed of our world exclusive by a fibbing and overly-pushy sales oink. Bah!


  • Robin
    Bloody lying little gobshite. Sack 'im!
  • Batman
    Haha carfarce whorehouse, lies, lies and need I say it more lieeeees!
  • iphonebod
    But as it's all speculation, rumour and conjecture nobody knows any more than anyone else. Lets face it, with Apple up until its announced nobody will really know and then it will be a few weeks before its in the stores. I heard that O2 are about to lose their exclusivity on the iphone hence all the deals trying to tie people into contracts.
  • MinstrelMan
    whats an iphone?
  • phatboy123
    BitterWallet, Proud Sponsors Of Apple.
  • Mark
    this reminds me when i phoned up cpw to confirm that my iphone 3G will be ready for pick up last year on it's launch day. the chap in the call centre said 'are you aware the iphone doesn't come with a charger? you'll have to buy the usb lead and wall plug adapter separately'. i then asked how are you supposed to activate the phone and how come the usb lead and power adapter are listed in the box contents on the apple website. He assured me that apple were wrong and he was right. Heh.
  • wellsie
    the bloke from kings chase seemed pretty much on the ball with the current speculation. The FM radio is supposed to be so you can transmit a fm signal to your car stereo. But it is just a rumour. But Apple have bought 3.2 mp camera's also 5 mp for whatever that is for.
  • Song B.
    Hey, I phoned up bin laden the other day, asking if he was planning any attacks, so I could stay away from the area to avoid being killed. He said he had nothing planned and to carry on as usual reading bitter wallet. There's an article for ya.
  • G R.
    As a very proud iphone owner I can say thats its a very substandard phone.... its lacking a lot of features and the hardware is falling behind a lot of new phones!! course theres going to be a new one!!!! The only thing keeping iphone a float is the apps!!!
  • John J.
    There are more apps for windows mobile devices plus most are free - no need to jailbreak those phones either.
  • David
    These stores know they will sell every single new iphone if one is released in July. If they even hint that a new one is to be released they will sell none of the current model. So it comes as no surprise to hear that they are denying the possibility of a new phone. But then I would never buy anything from that particular vendor.
  • 10n116
    “It’s speculation, .... I can’t advise you whether you should buy now or not." Why would you want to buy a phone that is just being specualted over?
  • phatboy123
  • DarrenW
  • Forget B.
    [...] new Apple iPhones out next month (or July) with all their whizz gadgetry (and according to both retailers and others, an FM radio?) are already old news. Whether they happen or not, it doesn’t matter [...]
  • Anonymous
    I used to work for O2 in Customer Services - we told customers that there was no official information about a new handset being released but speculation suggests that Apple are possibly planning such a release. This was mostly to existing 3G customers, though.
  • Simon J.
    There was a sales code that appeared on Carphones PIE computer system yesterday. APPIPHONE16GBV3BLA APPIPHONE32GBV3BLA they had disappeared a few hours later. i know this because i work there. I don't know what they were doing in IT or promotions but they were fiddleing about with something. Someone know something we don't! Make of that what you will........

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