It's official - Bitterwallet declares the end of the world

We like Apple, you know we do. Sometimes we get a little over-excited, but that's ok because so do plenty of our avid readers. Not today. Of course we've been talking about the iPhone 4, keeping you up-to-date with prices and tariffs and availability, but this morning the new handset is living up to its moniker of the Jesus phone, because people out there are acting as if it's the Second Coming. But it's not just queues outside the Apple Stores, either - we get them, because there's a sense of occasion - but queues outside third party suppliers on trading estates?

Bitterwallet - iPhone 4 queues

Android might be piling on the numbers, but it's Apple who are educating the mainstream consumers about the new generation of smartphones, and of course we're big fans, but IT'S ONLY A PHONE. Never thought we'd say that. If everyone stopped behaving like attention-deficient hyenas, there'd probably be stock availability before the end of 2015, by which time there'll be four newer models of iPhone that can fly, pass through walls and bend space-time, but still drop calls.

What makes it all worse is that today is also the today that this abomination reaches the iTunes App Store:

Bitterwallet - Farmville
The greatest time vampire known to man, now on the iPhone. None of this will end well.

Image by [YFrog]


  • PaulH
    Son, I am disappoint...
  • The B.
    You sure that's a "queue outside third party suppliers on trading estates"? It looks like a queue for a homeless shelter.
  • MrRobin
    "IT’S ONLY A PHONE" - Paul Smith 24/06/10 But it's not though, is it? It's a compact multifunctional personal device that tells you where you are and what's around you, it's a games console, it's a web browser, it's a music jukebox, it's a personal organiser, it's a style icon, it integrates will all the most popular social networking, news, consumer and information websites. It's the gadget to rule all other gadgets.
  • Sideysid
    By the sounds of it I suspect Mr Robin delights in rubbbing his iphone all over his red breasts for sordid self-gratification
  • Fail
    That's the O2 store on Team Valley, not exactly phones4u
  • Jonas
    Is it true that the 4G now has a jism resistant screen?
  • Junkyard
    Hey MrRobin, that's just trolling, to go on about the HTC Desire like that on a story about the iPhone.
  • Amanda H.
    Its not even a phone, unless you have no hands.
  • ButterMan
    My iPhone is out of contract. I want a new one. Stock won't be freely available for 6-24 weeks*. So, I sat outside Costa this morning and then walked into the Orange store opposite to pick up my pre-order, one of 6 iphones that store had delivered. Queues of 400 people outside an Apple store is a little bit sad though. *True dat
  • PaulH
    You're telling me Apple couldn't manufacture enough for all the stores in the UK...on the O2 website it listed 246 stores - say each had 10 iphones in...that is only telling me Apple couldn't produce more. The way I see if, there is a large container in Dublin somewhere full of iPhones
  • Nobby
    That queue looks like the cleaners. Maybe their supervisor was late for work?
  • Phil
    Wow - people think drugs are addictive! (Andriod for me all the way)
  • Andrew R.
    Haha I'm an avid BitterWallet reader - just spotted I joined that queue not long after this photo was taken! Who was the Bitterwallet reader? I was the one swearing loads and making fun of the o2 bloke who sounded like Joe Pasquali...
  • greg
    why don't these fucking cunts just preorder and get it delivered? it baffles me why anyone would do this shit, it's so sad. these people need to get a fucking life

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