Is your iPhone spying on you for governments?

sad-apple-logo Edward Snowden - the NSA whistleblower - is making some bold claims again, this time, saying that Apple’s iPhones have built-in spy software that can be used to track you. That's some bad PR for Apple if it turns out to be true, eh?

Snowden’s lawyer says that this software can be activated without the user knowing, and remotely.

"Edward never uses an iPhone, he’s got a simple phone," says Anatoly Kucherena. "The iPhone has special software that can activate itself without the owner having to press a button and gather information about him, that’s why on security grounds he refused to have this phone."

Of course, this is at odds with Apple's recent campaigns to improve privacy for users. You may recall Apple saying that it would be nigh-on impossible for government officials to get personal data from those using iOS 8. Apple have also pushed for stronger privacy protection policies, along with a number of other big tech firms.

According to the Independent, the NSA have published documents that reveal how GCHQ (the British intelligent agency) used this software in the iPhone - known as its UDID - to keep tabs on some people. These documents don't refer to specific spyware, but there might be more documents on the way.

Kucherena did note that, while Edward Snowden doesn't use an iPhone, if you want to, no-one is stopping you. Very kind of him that.


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  • Mike H.
    How is it the users fault Father Jack? You utter bell-end. Google did their own undercover snooping and called it Google Street View. So it's got fuck all to do with Apple, you complete twat.
  • Father J.
    Touched a nerve there, did I? I guess you must have bent your iPhone 6, you Jobs-worshipping monkey-spunk gobbling fucknugget. Are you sure your surname isn't Hunt?

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