Is this what the new iPhone looks like?

There's a lot of talk about the new iPhone getting rid of the headphone jack. Well, there's a video that's appeared which shows off what could be the new iPhone, and a look at what could be featured in iOS 10.

No news of the headphone jack though.

While this is a concept, rather than a leak from Apple themselves, there's a lot of new features on the device - a lot of which already exist, especially those who use Android, but let us not get into a pointless slanging match about operating servers, as that's the lamest bit of tribalism since people took sides in the Glam Rock wars.

Anyway, here's the video.

The home button featured in this video is the coolest thing, with gesture control features so you don't have to open your phone properly to access stuff. It also vanishes when you're not using it.

"This is not to be taken as an iPhone 7 leak, but rather as a design study that allows for fantasy and creativity to take over," said Steven at iPhone-Tricks. "It is purely hypothetical and aims to please your inner Apple geek. However, we do think that our design concept is pretty realistic and might be close to the real iPhone 7, as we have taken multiple recent rumours into account."

So, it looks like a Samsung Edge phone, and features a homescreen which is more customisable. If you're an iPhone fan, is this the kind of thing you'd like to see Apple doing?


  • Fagin
    Nothing more than iphone clickbait. Like the world really needs another iphone. (sigh)
  • Billy B.
    "Is this what the new iPhone looks like?" No.
  • Loribeth Q.
    Hi, Can you please send me one of these new iPhones? My credit card details are [details removed] Oh, can't wait to receive it. Thanks.
  • Father J.
    It could look like a big, smelly, wet, stinking turd - the iTards would all still sell their house and all it's concents to buy one anyway.

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