Is THIS what the iPhone 5 will be all about...?

It looks as if the new iPhone is about to be launched and, as they did earlier in the year, Aatma Studios are ahead of the game, predicting the new features that we might see next week, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous…


  • Sicknote
    Um.......yes, boring
  • boing
    I predict it's going to be overpriced hipster bullshit. Is that in the video? I didn't watch because I'm busy playing snake on my retro-chic nokia flip phone.
  • The M.
    *snore* Utterly bored of imarketing disguised as journalism. Stop doing their work for them. It's a phone/tablet which is over priced for what it does, made by suicidal wage-slaves (allegedly), brought by people with more money than sense and rarely used for anything of any value.
  • Bob
    you know the iPhone is not 'cool' when all the oldies have them. At school nearly every mother has one, along with quite a few grand mothers.
  • Sicknote
    But seriously, my wife and 3 kids have iphones for one reason - when they drop them I pop into the Apple store and they replace them with a bit cash and no hassle. Consider the case of my brand new S3 that has been away being fixed for 2 weeks now - longer than I actually had it for in the first place.
  • Red K.
    @sicknote if you'd taken more care of your S3 you wouldn't have had to post it to anybody.
  • sicknote
    @red ken It's a back light issue, something to do with the sensor they think. On this occasion, not my mistreatment.
  • Red K.
    In that case, I apologise.
  • StackedTimothy
    Why does everything turn into a bunch of virgins saying how amazing the Galaxy S3 is... It's like they have nothing better to do than to try and convince people (and themselves) that they didn't waste all of that money.
  • Darren
    @StackedTimothy obviously a IPhony fan boy. It will be interesting to see if Apple actually do make any improvements to the next phone, and not just another "siri" fail.... yes they will still sell phones, there are a lot of blonds out there and lots of fan boys, just the same way people by Burberry clothing. but it is a fact you are not buying an IPhone for the tech, you are buying it because its shiny and dumbed down. I hope they do make some major advances with the IPhone 5, as that pushes everyone else to follow and do more, but I doubt it.
  • Darren
    forgot to mention, this news is a waste of space and not news, everyone knows all these leaks are fake and apple hardly ever give anything away... just look at what everyone expected for the 4s... lmao and they got siri.... lmao....
  • StackedTimothy
    @Darren "iPhony" or not, what I say is the truth. Samsung fanboys seem to feel the need to tell us how good their phone is... We don't care, you have your samsung, I'll have my iPhone /end
  • Darren
    @StackedTimothy if you really did not care, you would not complain about it /end. QED

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