Is THIS the new iPhone 4G? Erm, no...

Ooh oooh, look! Tech Radar have revealed some iPhone 4G pictures, and there’s some radical changes afoot!


Look at it! Different coloured skins, a flash on the camera, porting of the iPad interface to the mobile phone side of things. There’s even a microSD expansion slot – cowabunga!

Oh, hold on, it’s just some bloke’s guesstimate of what the 4G might look like (if it even exists.) Shit – what a letdown.

Here’s our guesstimate of what the new Apple phone might look like and we think it’s just as pertinent.


Yes – it’s a frigging cake. Move along everyone, nothing to see here…


  • Bo
    Bit slow in the world of shit stories today?....
  • Rob
    The name of the blog should be changed to bitter apple surely. Could we have something entertaining and nothing to do with apple for a change?
  • FoolsGold
    Will the new iPhone be referred to as the 4G????? Will that mean 4th generation or will it run on the 4G network, which I don't believe we have yet in the UK! Think the fastest at the mo is 3.5G
  • bobinio
    Looks pretty cool.
  • ButterMan
    Actually we've got a 7G network, which is twice as fast as a 3.5G network - we just don't want to share it with you proles. iPhone 28G is due out shortly.
  • The S.
    Why is this even a story?
  • Jim
    Please help bring the iPhone to Verizon. Sign this petition and spread the link by posting it on facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs, etc. Get the word out. Spread the link. Thanks
  • mikeB
    Fuck off jim, cheers.
  • Mary
    Thanks for this blog post, I have been searching for facts about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.

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