Is Onavo the key to reducing roaming data charges?

While some people choose to ignore advice and warnings about the cost of roaming data, the fact is that service providers charge a metric fuckton for it. Unless you want an astronomical bill or have a carrier that will cap your usage, then you should leave it behind in the hotel room.

A new iPhone app claims to remedy the problem, to a point. It's called Onavo (not "UVAVU", disappointingly) and the creators believe it could save you up to 80 percent of your data usage. How, you ask? Is it voodoo? Disappointingly, no - you download the app, upload a provisioning profile and leave the app to run in the background. Onavo claim all data is then compressed by their servers with little or no impact on performance.

There are one or two critics suggesting Onavo does nothing revolutionary, and that it operates in a similar way to Opera by downgrading the quality of fonts and images. Since the app will work for domestic as well as roaming data, we'd be interested to know what you think and how you find it performs.

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  • Mark
    Hey Bitterwallet... When are you guys making a Bitterwallet App??? That would be well cool. I might even pay 59p for it.

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