Irrefutable proof that Apple is far better than Microsoft. Fact.

You might love your PC and your Windows and your bloody Clippy, but admit it - Apple stuff is better and shinier. Alright? See, that didn't hurt. Further proof, if you needed it: Microsoft doesn't have coasters, and if even it did, we haven't seen them, and that must mean they're not real and so don't count anyway:

See? Another reason why Apple and the iPhone rule the universe and all should kneel at the feet of Jobs. Who are you calling a fanboy? Of course they're worth $60 plus shipping plus handling plus gullible tax. You idiot.

[Meninos] via [LikeCOOL]


  • Adam2050
    What next Icondom.
  • TJ
    :O I want!
  • Are
  • Amanda H.
    Apple pretend to be Mr little vs Mr big. Maybe Microsoft should do an advert like this: See all those grey zombies?, futuristic chavs with ipods.
  • Mike
    73c wow thats hot
  • Darren W.
    proof that Gates loves Apple
  • Dan
    love them. want them. not rich enough. all my money is going into my apple fund.. want... new... mbp17"
  • eddy
    Proof? Why is proof needed? Is there seriously anyone on earth that thinks microsoft is better than apple? The only reason I could of that someone would think so is if they are suffering from stockholm syndrome.
  • Kevan
    But of course, of them all, Linux still beats them hands down. After all, Apple actually runs on a version of *nix but then the horrendous price of it lets it down.
  • Darren W.
    Wicked website as well, some really cool stuff on there such as the skateboard calendar, photoshop magnet boards and I especially love the tampon USB stick, would make people think twice about taking that off my desk!! great website thought.
  • Amanda H.
    eddy, The world could live without Apple, I doubt much would function in the world if Microsoft products vanished. Much as I hate them both.
  • AppleisS***
    Apple employers are a pile of w**kers and their productsa are s**t
  • Andy B.
    Yeah Apple has coasters, microsoft have a full interactive coffee table.... er....
  • Darren W.
    ANDY BROWN - but thats the beauty, simple and does what they need to do, Microsfots coffee table comes with about 5 projectors overhead, 5 service packs, a host of illegal operations and the same old... Are you sure or click start to shut down!! Bizarre!
  • diet s.
    I guessing I am not the only one having all the activity here! Keep up up the qualityworthy software

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