iPhones are better than Android phones - and that's a fact

iphone 4Hats off to the PR company that whipped this ingenious piece of inflammatory linkbait, because it's worth an award. TechCrunch is reporting on a survey by MyPhoneDeals.co.uk that categorically proves the iPhone is better than an Android handset. FACT.

Actually, it doesn't quite say that. Not quite. According to the mobile comparison website, seven per cent of iPhone owners said they'd rather have an Android phone, whereas a whopping third of Android users admitted they'd prefer a Jesus phone.

Of course, that probably only proves that Apple are better at establishing brand identity through marketing, since few regular smartphone owners have bothered testing both operating systems and like-for-like handsets for functionality.

Also according to TechCrunch:

“Women were found to be particularly strong supporters of the iPhone, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed stating it was the most desirable model.”

So rather than the iPhone being the better phone, maybe Android handsets are a sign of a proper man? Let's go one step further and say the iPhone is a penis extension while owning Android proves you don't need to boast about the size of your schlong. These are the facts of the matter, insofar as we've extrapolated them from a third party reporting on a unscientific poll.



  • Darren
    Yep its fact, IPhone users have small penis size. Simples!
  • Me
    "the iPhone is a penis extension while owning Android proves you don’t need to boast about the size of your schlong." Never a true word said!
  • yizpok
    WTF is dis real ?
  • Paul
    But I have both...so does that mean my member is normal?
  • Mark C.
    All iPhone users have small penises!? Even the women?
  • James D.
    I hate articles like this, just give me the goddamn data and I will decide for myself rather than twisting the numbers to fit your shitty headline So lets look at this from a male perspective, as sexist as this sounds I don't care what women think about phones. I'm not sure what women want out of their phones but I'm pretty sure it isn't what I want out of mine. Let women worry about appeal to women, I as a man am interested in appeal to men. ok so a third of android users wish they had an iPhone 3 quarters of women prefer the iphone. these are the facts as presented in the article. So lets say for example that 1000 people were surveyed, if this is a fair and balanced survey then 500 of them would be women. apparently 375 of those women prefer the iphone. Wait that's over 1/3 of respondents already, in fact its 37.5% of respondents. The article says that only a third of android owners wanted an iphone, how can that be when more android using women than that prefer the iphone apparently. Ok so maybe, (again assuming this was a fair and balanced survey) 500 people had an android phone and 500 had and iPhone and ALL the girls who had an iPhone said they prefer the iphone. (which says a lot more about women and brand loyalty than product quality) Again assuming 50/50 spit there should be 250 iphone owning girls, that still leaves 125 android owning girls who prefer the iphone. That mean's 125 android owning girls want an iphone leaving 208 android owning men wanting an iphone. I hate manipulated statistics articles. I had more rant left in me but I have to get back to work.
  • tiny
    "owning Android proves you don’t need to boast about the size of your schlong" My wife has an iphone and I have an Android - she will confirm this
  • Paul S.
    @James: "These are the facts of the matter, insofar as we’ve extrapolated them from a third party reporting on a unscientific poll." We weren't taking it very seriously.
  • Neil
    She will confirm that she wants a bigger penis?
  • James D.
    I realise that Paul, my criticisms were aimed at tech crunch not bitter wallet.
  • Bingo W.
    Poor, poor james. No wonder he can't get a girlf - takes everything oh so seriously and isn't interested in what appeals to women. Hint, hygiene would be a good start!
  • James D.
    Ha, I have a beautiful Swedish girlfriend thank you, we've been together for 4 years and are buying a house on Monday. The new place even has a shower!
  • klingelton
    Golden showers don't count.
  • Mienaikage
    I'm wondering how many of these Android users went for the cheap lower end models that come from manufacturers that give little to no support. Android is a great platform, but it's not going to perform well if you use it on a crappy piece of hardware. If these people wanted an iPhone so badly then why didn't they just go and buy a bloody iPhone in the first place? Either that or this poll is made up of a bunch of kids who had their parents buy them phones for birthdays/Christmas.
  • Me
    I bet the survey was taken in London. All Londoners are tossers only bothered about "looking cool" when really they all look like sheep for copying each other with little fucking apple symbols on the back of their phones.
  • Mienaikage
    I am a Londoner. I don't like Apple products. My girlfriend has an iPhone. My friend's girlfriend has an iPhone. This friend also has an iPhone and works for Apple. Save me.
  • EyeOpener
    Iphone is for people who can afford to buy the best. Everything else is a cheaper imitation that in the end, cost more. Verizon and tmobile are no match for att as service providers so that whole argument is moot. To call the iphone a penis extension is silly at best, yet all the android geeks, nerds and herd followers who claim android is better, but almost always cite financial or very superficial reasons why they don't have iphone. Android is the geek equivalent of a Big Truck or fast car. The iphone is the simple, sophisticated, doesn't try to wow you with a LARGER screen, or MORE buttons, or More superficial reasons to by....no, it simply dominates by making a product that is easy to use, and a pure delight to develop on and for. Linux and Java are the two reasons I stay away from Android. Google has my email and is my fav search choice, but i'll never use their docs or other bs services when I can do so much more on my mac or pc.
  • Android n.
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